When was the last time you eat a real chicken

Sounds kind of stupid doesn't it, but what are you being led to believe?

It’s amazing how concerned we are about what do and don’t eat. How we think, are convinced being a vegetarian is so much healthier and healthier, but do you know from where comes you veggies? We know the grocery store, but why are they more necessary than before? From where do the grocers get their produce and on and on until you get to Mexico or some other foreign country, but we know it is not home grown?

If things and circumstances are progressively getting worse, what does this tell you? Are we more safe today than yesterday?

Chicken, eating a real chicken, how long has it been for you? I mean a chicken that “you actually know from where it came”? Our food, which includes all the food groups, comes from the same place,,, Science.  The seeds, well if we genetically modify seeds, what makes you think vegetables are safer than the animals who eat them? Massed produced, pesticides, less expensive and less nutritional. Why do we make eating good and wholesome food unaffordable?  Why do we make lesser quality more attractive?

If precious drinking waters are polluted to the point you cannot drink from them, then what about all the other shit? If the air pollution and pollutants fall to the ground, is not this double-trouble and we have the nerve to complain about a little cigarette smoke? Prices jacked ridiculously high to discourage smoking but having the opposite effect, are we caught in a tug-of-war? Where is all this extra money going and when will this madness stop? Shit like this drives more people to smoke, didn't you know?

Cloned chickens, genetically modified and massed produced,,, where is the poison cool-aide? What is it when a people have resigned themselves to desiring food they have no clue about, over food they know? Gross, would you eat some shit you know nothing about and turn your nose to foods you know? Why would a people move from growing their own, no middle men... to not knowing nothing about what their eating, only what they are told?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!