Who’s Your Pimp? What's your naughty story?

There's who's pimping who and now there's who's pimping you?

The importance of this question is: What's driving us to do all this crazy ass shit to each other? If you don't know about what I'm speaking, try politics for starters. Politics is just one very influential industry which touches all our personal lives.

There used to be a question about who's pimping who, but now we know it is YOU... so I'm asking who's pimping you?

Think about shit for a minute? You say a pimp or madam and pimping is illegal, yet the oldest profession. 

But for what are we working and for whom and what are we doing with our monies? Are we neglecting our most important duties to earn a dollar? Are we saying "fuck it" to parenting skills? Families are catching more hell than ever, yet we say, "we're working to take better care of our families". It seems the more we work the more struggle for our families, what's wrong with this picture? Everything we do is for a dollar and/or sex.

(1) Is what we're doing primarily motivated by money?

This job shit is about as convoluted and corrupt as can be, yet we say, “we want more jobs”. Are we supposed to act like we don't know or see this shit?

We say, "we're a true democracy" but are we even close to this and are we getting closer - progression? What are we actually saying by this, are we saying we want more "good jobs"? What’s a good job and what's happening to them? It’s amazing how we utilize trickery to get what we say, “we don’t want”? Just look where inflation have brought us?

(2) Is what we're doing for money more devastating than providing sex for money? In most cases the providing of sex is much less devastating. (((things like predatory lending, astronomical prices, school violence and abuse, the absence of good jobs, gun control, Ebola, AIDS... all more devastating and self-imposed))).

We're even dreaming, hoping and working for "PIMPING Dreams", all motivated by money. Shouldn't you think things would be a bit more stable by now, yet we call this progress. If you just look at gas prices alone, as an indication of a stable society, all you can see is how unstable things really are. Look at food prices higher as quality gets less and less, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, crime, wars, jobs, church, state, education, politics… yet every leader has a new answer which leads us deeper into debt/credit. We call this progress, “we’re progressing”?

wE are working for a better society, better economics... yet the results are more shit and shit we know we shouldn't have, not working and never will work. It didn't so far and if it did, all we do is exploit it. Our attitude is "to hell with sharing".

Even the things on which we’re working don’t make sense? Economic and social issues, balancing the budget, Obama Care, Foreign relations, Ebola, is this where we want to be?

Why do we create a pimping system, calling it something else? Why are we distracting from the trouble at hand? We've fallen and can't get up.

(((your inner voice.com)))

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!