The absurdities of economic and social change in America

Why Black People Can’t Succeed In America

If Black Americans were to succeed, would this be like what's going on in Afrika?

What is success? Is it living by the constitution, the Bible, the justice system…? Does American education help to make you a success in life?

Of all the places in the world, America is one of the toughest places for Black Americans to succeed, considering her long abusive and violent history of Black and White in America. Why did it take so long for a Black President, 2008?

We’re in a serious state of denial and of all the signs indicating otherwise, we see America as succeeding. In this regard, we’re riding a very arrogant attitude, as we applaud our use of violence and abuse to control and manipulate our people.

No matter how slow and arduous our progress has been, we fail to see it as a deliberate attempt to deny us the enjoyment of the same rights and privileges.

Why do white women, the most evil being to ever walk the face of the earth, feel so empowered, safe and secure in America?

American leaders are the greatest abusers of evil power and this evil power is based upon guns and money. Why is there a Black America, White America, Latino America, Asian America in the United States of America? How did this phenomenon develop?

What has all this to do with the color of your skin? Black Americans are just as much to blame for this lack of progress, evil use of power and we find assimilation the easiest way to exist. If we don’t act like white folk then we’re made to feel guilty and punished.

All of this evil shit has been going on for so long we accept it as good, know the consequences and fear them. In all this chaos and confusion, the blatant abuse used before is no longer necessary, easily disguised and we do it to ourselves.

Now, based upon our treatment of the first Black President, has anything changed, is it more evident of the evilness lurking within our relationships?

If success is in the mind…If Native Americans didn’t succeed, if African Americans didn’t succeed, if women didn’t succeed; then who is succeeding in America? How can Americans succeed when its most important resources are failing? Don’t blame the children, blame the parents.

What will the fate of America be? One lion can cause twenty deer to panic. Oh my, there will be a revolutionary change when the deer realize living in peace and harmony with nature requires losing fear of predators. Only then will predators learn they must choose an easier prey. Somehow, it is a ray of hope when you see deer join together in an effort to change the mind set of their greatest predators. 

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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