Why Does Negro Want Change?

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I ran across a newspaper article saved by my now deceased mother, an avid reader and writer, born 1916, in Georgia, USA. I can only guess she saved it from a newspaper maybe written in the 1970s. The article struck a nerve in me, which I was inspired to address.

Article: “Why Does Negro Want Change? Auburn—I don’t see why the Negro wants to change conditions. I would want to keep my race pure, not mixed with others. Our schools are equal. The have the same chances there. Think of such men as Booker T. Washington, and that devout good Christian, George Washington Carver. Think of that wonderful play Heaven Bound. I never saw anything like it put on by white people. Then you have such fine preachers of the Gospel. I have heard them and their singing can’t be beat.  So you ought to be proud of your race. Both races are going backward. The prophetic writing of that states-man, Thomas E. Watson, was that full integration would take place by 1965. It looks that way now.  R. D. Bradley.”

Why does the negro want change? First, we must understand there are more than one variation of change, the change we cannot do anything about and the change we can. Based upon the content of the article they address the latter.

Change from who, what, when … where? Based on the content of the article, it suggests, that for some overlooked reason, historically underserved Black Americans want change from historically privileged White American rule.

The article suggests, historically underserved Black Americans, based on the interpretation of privileged white Americans, schools are equal. Because our very good system of mis-education allowed a few Black Americans to excel, “they” should be grateful and STFU, because both races are going backwards.  It uses what we want to describe as integration, to justify this.

What strikes me as being even more dangerous is during times when racial discrimination and tensions was more evident and at their highest level, a white newspaper published this. What is their message to our society?

Should Black Americans want change, NO! I do not subscribe to a right and wrong way but for brevity of this article, take it for what is worth.

There is a certain amount of ignorance Americans need to seriously get over and that is “we do no wrong”, when our history and present tells, everything we do is “wrong”.  All Americans should want change and do want change, but are terrified of the consequences, because we already know. Change from what, our historical evil ass ways of deceit, betrayal, inhumane treatment of “each other and our fellow human beings”.

Who’s guilty, all new-world Americans are guilty, Black, White, Red and are in a serious state of denial. Why are we in denial; due to greed, an overwhelming desire to command, control, profit, commit any atrocity to this end and act like it was for the good of the whole.

Peace and harmony should be our goal. What happens when Americans cannot get along with Americans? What happens when Americans deny fellow Americans peace and harmony, yet dictate or tell you, it should be peace and harmony? -- Art Thomas, your inner voice


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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