Why Get Married

It's why should you, but why aren't they working, why are people so disillusioned and apply so much pressure? Entitled.

There are plenty of resources available to help you succeed in marriage. There are also plenty of pressures to get married, at a young age and prior to engaging in sex. Most of these pressures are brought about by our system of marriage and religion. There’s somebody out there for you, but why must you marry them? Is marriage any indication of your commitment? Is it something to which you should be entitled?

People get married for many reasons, none of which are a reason for the next person to marry, so why are we trying to encourage everybody to get married for the same reason? “Honey you know God wants you to be married”. Most folk get married just to meet the expectations of society and society doesn’t give a shit about all the misunderstandings caused, marriage as a prerequisite to sex. As long as we’ve been participating in the game of matrimony, what good are these resources?  Does it take a marriage license to love someone, then why a marriage license?

There are two aspects, schools of thought to getting married, the one society dictates (marriage license) and the one dictated by life, the latter of which there are no questions. So why have so many questions come up in the way society dictates? Now, looking at what society dictates, same sex marriage has challenged and changed all of that, proving how wrong we were for such a long period of time. Domestic violence and wanna bees has cast a dark light on marriage, from the beginning of time. So, why is domestic violence so prevalent in our society dictated marriages these days? Why do our kids want just the opposite of what we prescribe for them? Why are factors like religion, race, gender, money, power… such a big concern in our system of marriage? Do our current resources proper address all of this? God says a lot of things but what happens when we follow them? Why do we tell all these lies on God? Why are Christians their own worse enemy? Do we pray in school or is public prayer infringing on the rights of others?

Well, if you just take another of them, race, you’ll learn our system of marriage does not properly address marriage concerns and as a matter of fact, is totally against any kind of humane relationship, otherwise we wouldn't have all the problems listed above. Ask yourself, why do we and have we treated our women as “second class citizens” and why did our women allow us to treat them so? Did they deserve that or was it just to stroke our own egos, to see how low we could push a person?

What all of this says to me is that the people who developed our system of marriage had a very warped system of value. How can you support wholesome marriages while destroying the marriage of others, even the very people who welcomed you? Why would white women stand by their men amid such violence and abuse? Why are today’s marriages so commercial? Why do we have such a high failure rate in staying married?

Who respects the so called sacred vows of matrimony anymore? Married folk are so unhappy, but afraid to admit it, so they tell you all about the trials and you should stay in an unhappy marriage anyway, because they did it. What does the Amish say? What do we do with all our widows and handicaps?

How can you practice the sacrifice of your ego when your ego is the only reason to marry? Why would you marry to practice the sacrifice of egos and why must you take the additional step of marrying someone you already love? Are you really taking it to the next level?

Is it to make it all legal to a society who could give a shit less about legalities; but legalities bring profits and has nothing at all to do with your sense of committment or to which you're entitled?

“Why do we do it? Nobody needs to get married, not anymore, and nobody needs to stay married. Yet at some point in our lives, two thirds of all American men will commit ourselves to one woman (or, increasingly, to one man), for better or worse, even though we realize that if a couple of nice kids like Arnold and Maria can't make it work, what chance do the rest of us have? And yet we do it anyway, and the question must be asked: Why do we get married? Because you love her. Because you like her. Because she wants to. Because kids sound nice. Because she doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Because you don't want her to go anywhere. Because, wait — how old are you? Because of God. Because your boss is married. Because the sex is good. Because the fights are good. Because the sex after the fights is really good. Because she picks up the dry cleaning. Because you know that even if it gets bad, life will probably be easier, happier, with her than without her. Because you believe that it's going to work out. Because you know that even if it doesn't, it's not the end of the world. Mostly, though, it's because you love her, and that's as good a reason as any.” --- Why Do We Get Married? - Why Men Get Married - Esquire

We should stop the marriage out of fear of what society thinks or dictates. If you want to get married, then you have your reasons. Make up your own mind and marry for your own reasons. Now, ask yourself how would our society operate without the system of marriage we’ve imposed, there would be a lot less stress and bullshit.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!