Why do poor Blacks vote along the same party lines as their wealthy neighbors

thinking you are somebody more important because you can vote???

Next to religion, voting is probably the next most sacred thing we do - democracy????. Voting is supposed to be a personal expression of who you want to serve you, your voice, your vote, but not any more.

Pretty soon you will be called upon again to vote in a national election, however due to limited good choices, you will be forced to vote for someone you do not want. Never thought this could happen did you? Further, this goes to prove my point.

If you really think about voting, we put so much pressure on you to vote until we have skewed the voting process so much voters say to hell with it, I'll just go to the polls because it is too embarrassing not to and  vote for the person who your community leaders support. And that is why candidates and elected officials put so much pressure on you to become a registered voter.

The political system in America is one-sided in favor of White wealthy" Americans so I really do not understand why Blacks even participate. But they have us believing against our own facts, if you do not vote then you have nothing to say, a nobody. Even when I voted I had nothing to say and as proven mostly by police brutality, the more you say, the less you wish you said and it is intentionally designed this way, especially against Black folk.

Laws were passed stipulating different treatment of white indentured servants, newly freed white men, and African slaves.

And this is how racism against Black Americans flourished, still is and always will be until we change. Voting was one privileged way of separating dangerous poor whites from dangerous slave blacks. Had not wealthy Americans had a desire and took advantage of this opportunity then poor Whites and poor Blacks would have common ground, agree and work together towards the good of "poor" people, instead of this "mysterious" middle class, which was invented to further widen that gap and to ensure Black Americans have no chance of "voting out" Wealthy White Americans.

Slaves could not read nor write, plus it was all but forbidden if you did and who could or would listen? So, we learned this already warped voting process from our White neighbors. They were voting based upon prejudice and blindness and we failed to see the same forces oppressing poor whites, also oppressed Blacks and in order for a Blacks to get votes, in an all white system, he had to secretly educate and influence  Black Americans. Hence, we were blindly lead like sheep to slaughter.

Today, the process of running for office is so expensive, only the wealthy can run or someone backed by the wealthy. So, to receive the same prejudice and blindness as our poor White counterpart, this mystical middle class, we fall for the same trick.

Skin color and the drum major instinct of thinking you are somebody more important because you can vote.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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