Why do women get upset when you asked their age?

How would you momma respond? Age is very personal information. What's being passed on from generation to generation?

TMI, to much information can get one in trouble, not necessary, inappropriate, without cause... other than being a means of discrimination. Have you ever heard of age discrimination? This point alone would indicate how sensitive of an environment you  would be encroaching upon when inquiring about an individual's age.

The other point being, it is inappropriate to ask a woman about her age. This is a known fucking fact and connects somewhere along there with age discrimination.

In a social setting, why would a woman ask another woman her age? What would your momma say? Would you ask how much she weighs? Would you ask a black man how black he is or a white man how white? It is rude to ask a woman who appears to be significantly older than you... about their age?

Does knowing a person's age help you to get along better? What about Mark Zuckerberg, a young wealthy businessman, as compared to his older counterparts, do they feel threatened because he is so much younger, yet so much wealthier?  It is just some shit you know to be very careful about inquiring, if you want to live a nice lovely life.

Well, if you asked this question in an appropriate manner and moment this it would not be an issue. So the only reason this question would be an issue is because you are too dumb and ignorant to know better.

What difference does age make? What will you learn by asking age, especially woman to woman? Personally, it is none of your fucking business? A lady or gentlman always consider the comforts of others over their own?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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