Why is growth in the African community stifled?

White people write good articles while reporting black people as ranting... is just like everybody else good enough???

No one claims to do it but everyone does it. Exploitation and manipulation of people, land and resources are on the rise, at dangerous levels and surprisingly who is the greatest culprit?

There are individuals and there are communities, there are cities and there are countries, but why do not blacks have any of these? Why are Blacks so prone to exploitation and manipulation?

It is not that we do not have them, the problem comes with growth? Our individuals, communities, cities, countries are more like caches, a collection of like items stored in hidden or inaccessible places for future use. We are not allowed to work for self, there always has to be a "middle man/people", one of which preys on you.

Blacks, African Americans, Afrikans, Niggers… are the biggest perpetrators of the very crimes they fight against. Exploitation and manipulation of people, land and resources are at critical levels and guess who is still experiencing the brunt of these crimes, yet blaming someone else? You already know.

We clam to be growing but we know we are suffering more today than yesterday in this process of assimilation. Now, some smart ass somewhere is going to ask me to define growth, but you already know. I am not one to believe in race, because we are all of the same race, the human race and that is enough for me. However, the reality of this all is races have been defined, the line drawn and we are forced to take sides with what has been defined as the more inferior race, if you want to enjoy the benefits of being a citizen.

The ruling class can be of several different nationalities and yet come together under the same race… America, Europe. Black people, here I am going to use Afrikans and African Americans choose to exploit their own people, rather than come together. Black people are the same, but the ruling class only recognize what is approved by and for them. Being we have given them “absolute authority” what they say goes, even if it is against the good of all people.

What is it which causes black people to turn against their own? Even though this is a worldwide concern, this concern is most prevalent in America, a country in which we preach the gap between the haves and have nots is narrowing, when we know it is just the opposite. We grow up just like any other people, but somewhere in the maturing process we learn what we have is not good enough. Even worse, Black people accept the notion that the people who prey the most upon us has our best interest at heart. After learning the reality of this all, negative emotions are put in play. 

Why would any people teach one thing when it is another? For example: Why would you teach your children to ”love everybody” when they live amongst people who prey on them? Why would a deer love a lion and on top of all that, why would the deer go around advocating his love for lions? Are black people this misinformed, misguided, disillusioned? We are so misinformed and misguided we create clever ways to get around the Bible, things like “I love you but I hate your ways”. Here is my question: Why does not the same love apply in our own marriages, relationships, in the struggles of Black people?

What kind of love is it which causes death and destruction of your own people but love and affection for the people who is most notorious at preying upon you? We are easy and too quick to denounce our own people, especially Black Americans. Then, we pit ourselves against each other, like the Willie Lynch letter says, while doing our very best to embrace the ways of the people who prey upon us most. Why would you intentionally go from a bad situation to a worse and call it things like progress, career, professional…?

How could a people who has experienced such a long history of violence and abuse, be so eager to abandon our ways, in exchange for the ways of the very people who commit these crimes against us? Is it beneficial for a deer to portray himself as a lion to better survive, unnecessary stress? What does the Bible say about a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing? How do two wrongs make a right? When what you have in not good enough?

Exploitation and manipulation are best carried out through acts of corruption, betrayal and deception; and even viler, we make it look like the enemy. Exploitation and manipulation is hardest to deal with when the people closest to you are involved, parents, a partner, spouse, friend, teacher, sister, brother…. Exploitation and manipulation is like being between a rock, a hard place and see no way out. There is a long-term physical and psychological effect from being exploited and manipulated of people, land and resources.

Why are Blacks so prone to exploitation and manipulation? We are ask to be exploited and manipulated and managing great caches over the world for future use.

How can you work, play, fight and profit for them and do just the opposite for self? Their wealth blinds us to the bigger picture.

We, Black people have the power to save ourselves and the world but who wants to deal with the sacrifices? It seems like a useless punishment and to abstain from all their convenience bullshit;;; and when you save Black people, what will we do??? Our sense of appreciation is only exceeded by our sense of arrogance. We are plagued by shame, guilt, disappointment and pain with regard to our own communities and it is in negative emotions like these we dwell and attempt to escape.

How can you be a police for them yet not able to police your own? Even better, how can our worse policemen be their best policemen? Black people are constantly seeking someone, anyone to save us and there are people who dare to save us but how can you save anybody from themselves?

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What does being saved mean?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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