Why listen to a dead man?

To whom do black Americans listen? Then, why do we shun each other?

I don't think there is another people harder on their own people than Black Americans and there's a good damn reason for that?

Should it be that way? Were we trained different?

Why was MLK murdered?  Why was MLK and the likes of MLK murdered in America? Why are they still being murdered? If he was so good, why don’t more pick up his cross and follow, especially us?

How long does a dead man speak? Is that voodoo or what? Do you recon he put some voodoo on our asses? If a Christian will work on Sunday, then you already know. How long do you honor a dead man? If you find yourself honoring him more than your own father is there a problem?

What is it about “honoring a dead man 50 years later? What does that say about your ability to move forward? Wouldn't he want that?

I look at what’s going on around me and why do I give thanks to my elders for all this bullshit? I hope they did not have as much bullshit governing their lives as I do mine.

They had to use the back door and I still can’t go through the front, well, I can go in but what in the hell can I do? If I could do better don’t you think I would be? Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice and why is her name…. Yesterday, there was Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Fredrick Douglas, if Martin Luther King was so fucking great, and inspired so many people, then why in the “sam hell” are we as depressed and oppressed as we are?

Are color barriers really any better or are they worse? Are our rights more recognized or less? If you don’t have a dollar to what exactly are you entitled? Tell the fucking truth for once in your life time. NO Sugar coating and all that other bullshit? Are native Americans any better than before or are they worse?

Any fucking minority, are you better today than yesterday? I don’t feel better… I know all the bullshit I was taught certainly is not as told. Well, if it was, why are minorities still doing the same old stupid shit? Why must black Americans be better than white Americans and still don’t get no fucking credit?

What was Sunday before slaves were free? What was Sunday before Native Americans were wiped-out? Is Sunday what Sunday is supposed to be or is it just the opposite today? Yet, we have more people who attend Sunday services-more churches, more people? And the more people go to church the worse things get, the worse they  become. Do you understand why?

Credit, I have more credit today than yesterday, but they told me I would have more income and even more, if I went to college and even more “if I had a good job” and even more if I went to church, to mandatory education... That abstaining from sex and being obedient to my parents, my seniors, my Latinos, my women, my disabled, my gay; it would not be like this today. That honoring the human being in every man was a good thing to do.  That it didn’t matter from where they came, as long as another man treated you like a man more men would be men, that ain’t true.

Is it me that’s stupid or is it everybody else? Taxes, don’t  you think the more people paying taxes, the cheaper taxes would be? God damn and it is just the opposite. Does that make any kind of sense to you? The more people pay taxes the higher your fucking taxes get, what kind of shit is that? Where is that going? Is that fucking stupid or what? Then, they say “I’m wrong”, I need to go back to school, wellllll who in the fuck educated them? I just don’t believe this shit and the fucking ass holes who support it.

Is the price of gasoline getting better…. that ain’t true and how much other shit does that effect? Where is that going to end? Even down to Christmas, all we ever get is LIED TO. And the crazy thing about our stupid asses is>>>>> WE Can’t wait to believe and act it out.

You tell me to tell the truth, but I challenge you to show me one CHRISTIAN who’s telling the truth. Further, I challenge you to show me one Christian who ever told the truth? Whatever happened to a handshake or to a man's word is his bond? Why listen to a dead man?

Jesus Christ is another fucking DEAD MAN. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t even a man, but a Biblical Character made up by them fucking white folk who brought the BIBLE to, what was then,,, NATIVE AMERICAN LAND. They betrayed the Natives, committed genocide against them and stole their fucking land. And here’s the real funny side to all of that… Those great atrocities and more were all committed in the Holy Name of "Jesus Christ". You don’t want to know the truth do you? All they ever were and still are ---hypocrites, in a serious state of denial. No, I am no fucking hypocrite because I am going to do my very best to TELL THE TRUTH. The truth is the fucking truth and I don’t care who did it.

And for you Over Educated TWO-FACED ASS Niggers, your LYING asses are HOPELESS. Not by my word, but your own actions. Are we past the history that preceded the Movement or further behind -- over educated or over qualified? Is that an opinion or fact? Do we have less locked doors or more? Do locked doors equate to walls? What happens when we build more walls and you want to go outside your door? Is everywhere off-limits, unless you're invited. Whatever happened to this land is yours and mine? Is it more yours than mine? Should we do more for our veterans or are they just puppets of the rich?

Why is there a nice neighborhood and then there are ghettoes? If we can click it or ticket it about a seatbelt why can't we better police slum lords? How can we have better housing when the standards aren't the same? Why would you take all the money to build more and more lavish houses, when more and more people are homeless? 

Are the police any better, yet we have more police - guards, soldiers, snitches... The more police the worse we get. Are they the same force who violently opposed civil rights Marchers/Movements?

What would the Black Panthers say? Why don't we recognize them, were they needed, weren't they an important part of "our history"?

The simple things in life, why are they more complicated today even though we committed to making them more simple?

If shit was really getting better, I would say it because I witnessed that, but all I ever see is evidence of a serious state of depression and denial everywhere I go. And it all starts on Sundays. Is the grass really greener on the other side?

You don't have to keep repeating it. If you are going to honor one, then honor all.

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March On Washington

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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