Why must Black Americans Work

It's not we shouldn't work but based upon unusual circumstances... crosses burning. If anybody needs to work what people would that be?

With their long and abusive history in America, it is only reasonable to ask the question. With no remorse or reparations for all this abuse, makes one wonder why a Black American would ever "have" to work for a White American? Somebody is going to say the simply, "they should work because we work", but I'm going to let simple have that, ignoring the fact they never slaved.

What bills, we never had any before and still worked for nothing and now we wish for the same thing as everybody else and guess what, we must again "work for them for them" and we think we "should" work.

Because Whites folks deny them and will not share them. We have nobody who has left us anything, except the need to work. We fear the repercussions of White Americans - The House of UnAmerican Activities Committee. 

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wrong for working, middle-class people to pay for abuse

Working for it

"Dave Chappelle's fall from grace"

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!