Why white Americans don’t want Black Americans to have shit

I have to say, "It is a lie when White America says Black America is no threat to them". I don't see color, "they" have a black friend...

I am thinking of all the places I could go to spiritually. Would they be black or white, what if they didn't believe in Jesus Christ and how could someone who does, be so treacherous? Why would I go to any place who conquered the indigenous people and took everything they had? HOw long will they last? Why wouldn't I skip all that drama, if I had a choice? If they don't respect and accept them, why do I think they are going to accept me? Why would I want to join them?

Have you heard any Indian history lately, excluding cowboys chasing Indians? Did they ever get anything other than humiliation for fighting back? Just ask a Buffalo Soldier, a Tuskegee Airman? It should be a mandatory requirement for every soldier to serve a minimum of six months at any veteran facility prior to joining the Armed Forces.

“Strengthening Black-America through Training, Innovation and Technology” is this really allowed, is it plausible, then what is the problem?

Black Americans are so loyal and obedient to White Americans, we even follow laws we know were created against us,,,just to say we are equal or is it "just as good". I know I am a law abiding citizen? If you make laws, why must you write them down? What happens when you encounter a stranger?

My question to you is: When did we ever become unequal and in need of civil rights? Did this include the really "high class Blacks? Who really is the supreme being in this land: the slave or the master, it certainly was not the indigenous people of this land? I know, there were masters of all races, it just took Black Americans a longer time to understand this, why?

Do Black Americans really think White Americans were the only slave masters? Big "I"s and little "you"s, are they the only slave masters today, then what's holding us back? Is it the same as yesterday?

Because Black Americans don’t want to have shit, other than to be like White Americans. Somehow, Black Americans think it degrading, taboo, unacceptable... to be like Black Americans? Today, Black America has grown to a state of being toxic to and for each other and when we are toxic to self, we are toxic to everyone -- immune deficiency disease. Then, there are White Americans who just will not tolerate Black Americans being treated the same as White Americans.

What greater honor can one have, other than someone who wants to be like them, but are our chosen models truly deserving? Why Black Americans don’t want shit, because we don’t have shit and follow the wrong people to get what they have. The way we act towards each other, we don’t deserve shit.

Ever seen a people who says, they don’t need nothing? What did President Barack Obama ask for Black Americans, just for Black Americans because we need it? The President is just one shining example of how Black Americans act as if we don’t need shit because we are led to believe we are treated just like the rest of America, the middle class, those who are the most productive in our society??? How can we move from less productive to more productive and who decides when we have arrived?

Nobody ever talks about all the bullshit, all the criteria you “must meet” in order to wear one of their fancy titles? What does being a "high school graduate" mean? What about the ability to read and write and is texting better?

Even worse, nobody ever talks about all the trickery Black Americans must endure in order to keep these titles,,,just ask the likes of Bill Cosby, Dave Chappelle, me… Is education an option, is it any measure of character? The challenge to change is difficult; however, continuing to leave people behind is not? So, who’s being left behind or better, who’s in front? Are they “wanna bees”?  These wanna bees must have a way of making others feel inadequate, less than, lacking, jerking you around before you can be like or accepted by them, hence, threatened because of all the falsehoods.

What really makes one American better than another, middle class, upper class, lower class? What are the criterion? Established by who?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!