The wise and foolish builders

Do you know anything about the reputation of your home builders, is this not important to you?

You need products and services in order to build. Most think they need… in order to get started. Most of the time what you think you need is what you do not have and in many instances it is money. Trying so hard to build the way you see everyone else hinders you from being able to build your own, so we end up with less creativity from which to learn and more cookie-cutter. Building to code has caused many more people to be more selfish and homeless.

What good does it do to qualify as a master builder when you are not building wise and as we are drunk? We build for you to keep buying instead of to last. 

Wiser builders think just the opposite. Wiser builders use what they have to build something useful and grow from there. Therefore, employing practices needed to establish a solid foundation to strengthen and encourage you. The good part about this all is, wise building was done with less, based upon what we use today.

 Today, we build so fast, most never consider the foundation upon which their home is built. We have not a clue where to start. That is why the gap is quickly widening between too many unaffordable and empty houses vs. practical homes, in which we can live harmonious.

A “foolish man” builds a foundation without thought of it being carefully built upon.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!