The Work Hard Dream Big ideaology

What went wrong, do you realize how many have perish, just because they were ignored?

How many work harder and smarter than me? I ain't never been the poorest performer and if so, it wasn't for long, just my nature. But time and recognition means a lot, when your destiny lies in the hands of someone else. Well, if this wasn't so, I would be rich right now. So, for what am I working?

Way more have perished due to being denied than have ever been successful at achieving any kind of success by working hard. So, we changed it to "working smarter" and still far more have perished from the idea and their efforts are simply ignored or were in vain.

Excellence was taken out of our power, in exchange for the profits out of one man's pocket, any man with money, it doesn't matter. There was a time when a person just wanted to be a good provider for their family, but those days are long gone. Just enough is no longer good enough therefore we want more than we could ever consume. We gone from working for yourself, to working for your enemy and the more you earn, the higher the price, the more you need to earn. Now, what kind of shit is this?

How can you ever reach your dream by being a productive citizen? Our dreams are now so delusional we believe there are no limits to our limit. We no longer care about how, as long as we get a dollar.

Just Dream big, work hard and believe you can do anything you put your mind to, why hasn't it worked for these crackers? Why hasn't it worked for blacks? Why hasn't it worked for people who wanted it to work for people for which it didn't work? Why are we still plagued by atrocities like capital punishment, high crime, unemployment, domestic violence and abuse, racism, corporate greed... are these not problems easy to solve?

Don't you think of all people, Martin Luther King worked hard and smart, now, where is he, why? Don't you think the indigenous people of this land had a dream and good work ethics? Or were these all coincidences?

(((your inner

"Low Life Jobs"

YOUR inner voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!