What about YOU? The identity crisis, who's wishing they were you?

And there you are sitting there trying to figure out how not to be you?

Do you know how often there's somebody telling you what's wrong with you and what you ought to be doing? How long will we spend trying to be  like the likes of MLK? When I was young I wish I had somewhere I could go to get the right information. It couldn't have been my parents because I was trying to get away from them. So the thought came to me that you are going to need someone to be there for you and it cannot be your parents. You don't marry, go out with, chill with, your parents and with whom ever you choose they need to be good, well informed, like minded individuals... And that is just the opposite of what we have today.

Why is there a need to wakeup the "U" within YOU?

Some live a life time without ever being true to themselves. There's so much outside pressure to be who everybody else wants you to be. Just how much of this is your duty, honor, country and how much is YOU?

Further, it is easy to conclude our society is designed to keep you from being you. Our society teaches you to be who you're not - identity crisis. What is an American and what is a Black American? Feeling alone, confused and insecure, should I apologize for being me when that is how our society wants us to be? "Me" is a whole nother subject to write about?

No matter where you are, always listen to you. Being you makes you more amazing than trying to be someone you're not. Being yourself in a world which wants you to be someone else is the highest possible achievement.

(((your inner

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Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!