Your Best Protection

What is your best protection? what's happening to Mother Nature?

Are we really the home of the brave or HOME OF THE COWARDS? So much education but so little sense? So, much money but why buy what is already given?

We used to live closer to Nature, in Peace and Harmony, but what happened and why are we trying to act like we can get farther and farther away from her? Does a gun have power, does it make you feel more powerful? What would happen if you killed all your enemies?

All you ever hear white folk and stupid niggers talk about is "defending their families", but my question to you is, "from whom are you defending them"?

Most of us would quickly say, GOD, but I submit to you that if it was God, your ass wouldn't need all this added security and if it was God, based on your behavior, do you think he would be still protecting your ass?

How is it that one can find a gun when he cannot find money? the same Christians who talk about "how good God is and how Jesus Christ is coming back... are the first ones to go for their guns"? How do white folk control High Class Black folk? God, Guns and Gold? And I would like to add... JAIL, when if anyone should be jailed then, what people would that be?

What good does it do to protect someone, anyone who doesn't have sense enough to protect themselves? All about MLK and nonviolence, black history month,,,we tell so many lies! How about the more protection you think you have, the more protection you need,,, how does that shit make any sense?

Today, 2014 we can't get enough security and the more security we think we have the more security we need. Do you know that safety goes hand in hand with security? Home, Land, Security, how is this shit working when nobody gives-a-damn? How secure are our homes, how secure are our borders, how vulnerable are we? Why are we so afraid of being vulnerable? Who wants our money ass? What's wrong with being vulnerable? How do you live in harmony with Mother Nature? It's amazing how we have so much trust in God, but you cannot trust the nigger next door?

While you are so arrogant, so fearful of lions, tigers and bears all Mother Nature has to do is send you something so tiny, so insignificant as an ant, a spider, germ, ebola, any act of mother nature... Why do we act like we're so afraid of each other, yet think we're living in peace and harmony? It's bad when a people is more afraid of themselves than they are lions, tigers and bears?

If you are afraid, fearful of Mother Nature then you already know you never will be shit, until you change.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!