Your Talents in America

What good are your talents to our society?

All the hype, be all you can be, do your very best, excel, succeed... but does this really work? Get a good education, go to church, PRAY....Your contribution to society does it really count?

Most of you are going to say yes or God will make away or something alone those lines, but do you realize the number of talented people making a significant contribution to our society but go unappreciated? And the very God fearing people are the first to discredit this talent. People fear what others may think of them.

Is there a conspiracy to keep certain talented people from excelling?

It starts at home, as a child growing up in America, where all children are innocent, brought up believing you will be rewarded according to your work. However, it's not long before little Black Children realize their contributions are not wanted and are treated in an inferior kind of manner. They realize early on, if you don't have money you're through and this destroys their hope of living a wholesome lifestyle. And if they're lucky enough to amass a bit of wealth they soon learn they must sell their souls to maintain it.

Nothing works unless it is validated by the powers to be. To stop this vicious cycle parents must stop blaming and take responsibility. This means being brutally honest and turning against what (lies) traditionally passed down from one generation to the next.

As you listen to people like Ben Carson you would think "work hard and succeed" would be our mantra, but in reality you can work as hard as you want, produce the best products and services, and nobody recognize them.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!