You're A Nasty Woman!

What could have made Mr. Trump blurt out such an unprofessional and demeaning statement, during a televised national debate?

Why would he call her a nasty woman, how would he feel if someone referred to his wife, mother, child... on national tv as a nasty woman? Damn, how stupid can you get? How was he thinking, what could you possibly gain from making such a statement and especially coming off accusations of lewd conduct?

When I heard it I could not believe my ears. I thought that's it, he has destroyed everything for which he has worked. I listened to see if he had a come back but nothing.

Is this really Melania Trump, candidate for First Lady? Who's egging her on now?

 Melania Trump, Slovenian model and First Lady to the Nasty Girl's Club?

If you were like me, you wanted to be entertained and watch how a big businessman would dominate a female politician. I could imagine Hillary breaking down in tears, at some point but never Donald Trump committing suicide? That is exactly what The Donald did by referring to Hillary as a Nasty Woman. It proved she had beat him and he had given up. And if you are any kind of man, it was a sad thing to witness. It really made him and anyone who supports him look like a "punk ass".

Looks like the President, 2017 is going to be a Nasty Woman, by land slide. Trump's statement has rallied women from all over the world against Donald Trump. They have even turned this into a positive thing, nasty women t-shirts and other garb. They made being a nasty woman a great thing, lol... The power of women!

How will the Republican Party respond to this? Trump's statement lends credibility to the notion and was so self-evident of the bigotry, racism and violence that the mere act of a woman, a black man winning the presidency constitutes an unfathomable act of courage and resistance.

attitudes that had become unacceptable in polite conversation and often career-ending in public discourse,,, all he had to do is apologize and stfu.

There's one answer to the question above: He was severely beaten by a woman.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!