Achieving War Through Peace

What are you going to do?

How do you get out of this shit? ON one hand we're telling you to love everybody and on the other we're telling you to be heavily armed in this endeavor. So, we go along to get along, but when and how will this stop?

There are some very smart, ingenious and fearless leaders, who we the people hold in high regard, they advocate, “peace is achieved and maintained through war”.  By war they mean violence. They will tell you peace cannot be achieved "through dialogue alone".

That having the greatest, the strongest military, in the world, is the key to peace and harmony. This type of rhetoric is preached by American leaders and to many Americans to ensure its citizens continue to support "their" war efforts.

Today, there is so much social and political pressure on ensuring people believe this, one might be considered anti-American if not. I am not anti-American but I'm dumb enough to share the truth and that truth is: This statement and idea is totally false.

If this was true, then that would be like telling me, I need to be able to kick my neighbor’s ass in order to achieve and maintain neighborhood peace. I should kick my family member asses in order to achieve and maintain peace. It means the threat of war should bold and constant and serve as the foundation for community/country/relationship. It means gang violence is a necessary evil to a thriving community. It means atrocities like slavery, genocide... are all acceptable means of achieving your goals. It means violence and abuse is the foundation for everything good and wholesome.

Why do our clergy go along with this, why would any preacher say it is okay to send your children off to fight a war? Why can't they suggest a better, peaceful way?

What is it that cannot be achieved through  dialogue? Peace cannot be achieved through dialogue does not mean pick up your weapon and attack your neighbor or shoot first. It means there are so many more things to be done to achieve and maintain  peace.

We don't believe this, we know better, but to keep from being denied, we go along with these lies. Achieving and maintaining peace is hard work and that is what we do not want to do. It is a whole lot easier to threaten sending someone else to fight your battles.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!