Afraid of Me?

Why am I so afraid of me and even better why don't you seemed to be afraid of you?

I wish somebody would prove me wrong. With all the important stuff going on, why would you ask yourself that question? Why doesn't my wife want to hold my hand? Why does anyone make a big deal of this? It's all under control, you're doing what you supposed to, got family, a job, a five bathroom house, 4 or five cars, insurance, credit card, beer, blessed and highly favored, you live in a gated community, even guarded. Why is it gated/guarded and why am I still disgruntled with me?

Somehow, every time I think I have reached my spot, my niche, my career, I look around and someone else is already there. My question is, how much more shit must I do before I accepted at the top? There has got to be one spot on this green earth that welcomes me, just for me.

We teach, be yourself, independence, self-sustainable, but do you realize how many women lives I have screwed up, being me? Is better I be like the nice family described above? I look across the street and that couple seems to be having a ball, quite, very seldom see them come and go, never seen them cleaning, digging, planting, harvesting, working an 8-5 and they have someone to do all this for them.  They seem not to be worried about shit, laws, what laws, manicured lawns, utility bills, career paths, churches, schools, taxes, debt, getting to the next level and they seem to have, at least everything i want.

Hence, I am very concerned about me. I follow the law, but all I ever get is pissed off. No matter how nice, diplomatic, on time, prepared...I seem to run head on with the dumb-ass. Don't mean this in a negative way, but in every manner in which you can define a dumb-ass, this person is acting. First, they try and belittle you and then they try to get you to buy what you do not need, nor asked for. They trick you out of your personal information talking about privacy, aggravate the shit out of you with unsolicited ads and sell/trade your information at will...but just try this in the reverse. Then, they want you to believe they are doing their jobs, doing you a favor or helping and these are supposed to be my fellow Americans, someone for whom to fight and/or die. Whatever happened to the person who provides the best product and service and are pleased to help you get it?

Have you ever thought of the top being the bottom and those women got what they deserve.  " Im intelligent, spiritually, emonally, mentally & financially stable! I have no baggage & no drama! I'm straight forward & ikeep it REAL! Im outgoing, fun & i live life to to the fullest." How full is that glass and now you've put yourself in a position to scrutinize others. We have drug dealers walking across that stage, we have sex offenders walking across that stage, why are the likes of Bill Cosby so confident in their abilities to dominate others?

I don't control shit and the ones, supposedly in control, appear not to know what the hell they're doing. Who's helping you, how many countries have we screwed up? How many and who are we helping? Why do they view Russia as a threat and how does Russia become more of threat than these East Indians? How are East Indians helping your situation?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!