How Do You Know if you are a slave today?

Would you know slavery if you saw it? Do you enjoy being a slave? Do you enjoy the skillful art of enslaving others?

Today, most Americans are too young to remember the slave related horrors of yesterday and  therefore would not even know the dangers presented by one human being upon another, until it is too late.

Yesterday, it was referred to as "the line of not return". Today, it is when you do muster the courage to face this harsh reality, it is too criminating to do anything about it. Money, you are going to ruin somebody's plan.

Today, most Americans, especially black Americans, would consider themselves free from the atrocities of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of yesterday. We have reunited with our oppressor and claim to enjoy the spoils of the land together, and this is what "we" want you to believe so you can keep being a nice little "educated, entertaining slave". but nothing could be farther from the truth.

For those of us who are old enough to remember, we know ain't a damn thing changed. White folk still tell you about the freedoms they gave and what you're allowed to enjoy, if you get off your ass and go to work. But do they get off their asses and go to work? The only thing white folk, white Americans of today do, is "figure out how to get out of work", at whatever or whoever's expense. We know White Americans only give a shit about one thing and that is "control". And to keep our asses out of harms way, we do the same.

We are so inbred with this slavery shit, it doesn't even matter any more and this is a travesty. But just in case you really want to know what is actually going on in America today, I am here to educate your "sick asses".

I'm not prejudice and the truth must be told. The white folk are descendants of the same white American folk who committed the same inhumane acts of yesterday, which they still deny. They denied it then and they still deny it today. But just as with yesterday, they're are not the only ones to blame, if any blame should be given.

During the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, they talked about Black Americans enslaving Black Americans yesterday and how Black slave owners was more to be feared than their White counterpart. Well, today, Black Americans are still more guilty of enslaving their own people than their counterpart.

Especially, Black Americans are some real "fickle minded, sick asses, so much so, we're not to be understood. They say above all things get understanding, but I do not know how this applies to us. Who in their right mind, would want to enslave their own people or be a part of any thing which participated in the enslavement of their own people? 

Yesterday, slavery was "big business" and all about the money and today, it is just the same, nothing changed but our ability to cover it up. For a little hush money or the opportunity to get a little hush money, we will not be honest about what's really going on. It is the same kind of dishonesty which goes on in relationships plagued by domestic violence. One is intimidated into not telling and the other is glad of it.

Do Black Americans really want to be free? Because you think you are free does this make you FREE? Because inmates think they are free, does this make them free? But it is the best way to survive being in bondage or captivity.

Does the ability to buy all their material shit mean you are not a slave or you are more a stupid ass slave than the slaves of yesterday? The proof is, "try selling them yours"? Try fair exchange, free enterprise... and all that other bullshit they use to exploit your dumb ass? Why you buy theirs when they refuse to buy yours, what does this indicate to you? Why do you do business with them when they refuse to even recognize your black ass? Unless you think your blackness is better than my mine and in this is even a greater problem.

Here are the reasons you should not want to be a slave? Is slavery a crime, why? Slavery is a gross human rights violation, but who cares if you never had any? How can you know freedom if you never had freedom. This newly discovered thing you call freedom is just another self-imposed trick to help you cope. The problem here is most of us have just given the fuck up. One nigger poor as hell says he is and another making money says he is not, who is telling the truth?

Why would you further empower your oppressor to oppress you and your people even more? Ignorance is not your excuse.

There's something about our stronger than strong desire to be accepted by the White man. Why is it that what he says we are too eager to abide by when we neglect our own? Are these not the same old self-destructive traits of our White Slave Masters? Do we enjoy them that much?

For proof how severe and surreal the slave situation still is in America, you don't have to go or look any deeper than our Black communities. No matter how obvious shit is, we still do our very best to act like "it ain't happening" and in this act is the crime.

We say we our minds are free to think, but we know it is limited to the thinking of those we have given power over us. Today, there are more slaves than ever in human history, now, who are they?

(((your inner

Slavery, How did this happen?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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