Being computer literate means what today?

Remember when being computer literate meant something and put you a cut above those who were not? Then, there was the question of being able to word process? If you could turn a computer on and produce a document using a word processor, then you were very attractive in the job market.

Now, they do not even make those computers any more. Just like the ability to type on a typewriter was a skill in high demand, type writers are not even made any more.

Computers, the internet, websites, significantly enhanced our abilities to communicate, learn and share information, to what did this lead? Silicone Valley, a rush for "dot com" businesses, monopolies, smart phones, flat screens, scams, hackers, viruses, identity theft, infringement of music rights, voice mail, automated answering services, sophisticated cameras and security systems, GPS, high tech overpriced gas stations, overwhelmed by unsolicited sales calls and information, dead end jobs, economic, what was the intended purpose of computers? What are they actually doing?

We claim faster, more effective and efficient, but have long lines gone down in banks, stores, emergency rooms, airports, what about prices? Are news headlines any more positive? Were we really that desperate for more information or were we forced for profit?

Being computer literate today means being computer illiterate tomorrow.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!