Beyond illegal drugs, alcohol abuse...

I had this thought and now I'm going to test myself, call it a survey, a testimony, wishing there was a cure, a healing...but nothing like all those who look down on the environment from which they came.

Does abuse matter if it is legal or illegal?

I know, my environment you are going to say, "you aren't/weren't in it, guess this means I'm not in yours, but here goes.

How did we get illegal drugs, alcohol? Does it really lead to things like domestic violence and abuse, does it really? What form of escape, fun, excitement, adventure, prosperity... or are we saying, we're more advance than our ancestors?

wHERE do those "Blessed and Highly Favored" people live? Do they live any better than the rest of us? Do rich people really live any better quality of life than poor people? Do women have a better quality of life than men? I would love hear Mrs. Clinton comments of some of these thoughts.

Why is it that lifestyle of the rich and famous appear to be more desirable than the lifestyle of the not so rich and famous?

We have well more middle to low income people than we have rich,,, what exactly is it that all these people are doing to make their lifestyles look less attractive?

Would I want a lifestyle like Barack, Oprah, Cosby, Jackson,,, any rich and famous person? Who in their right mind would want to earn so much to pay so much, where is the gain in any of this? You're a multi-millionaire and I ain't shit, who cares, doesn't count, don't know, not trained.... Why do we put so much interest on capital gains and less on prosperity for all. Okay, not knocking people who make lots of money, but I made lots of rocks??? Why doesn't my rocks count? I mean you have a girl's school training them how to be successful, but you have the money, the power, say so... so it is all going to be, those students are going to grow  up thinking it is the way you said. Does Oprah think like me, should I think like her, how can she get a school and I can"t?

I wonder if she knows how many kids were and still are being mis-educated, just in the state of Georgia alone?

Could I offer them a better education, do I even know if this economy is going to be here/exist for another 20 years... Not without a change and based on violent, abusive and deceptive history, we keep lying to cover the last lie.

Is it good to be poor, is it any better to be rich, be careful what you ask for? If you just take dealing with my people, you will not have shit. It doesn't matter their color, race, creed... people, just generally speaking,,, ain't about shit. Hard to say, because somebody has to come to your rescue, but will it be me?\

Why do I fear being rescued? NOW, this is the answer! Your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength.

Alcohol and drugs, legal and illegal, are just like very thing else we exploit, however, these we have chosen to divert attention from all the others. A very insecure person will try to make you feel like you are their problem, thereby causing you to believe they have power over  you.

Now, they make too much money but what can you say, you drink, smoke and that offends them. They can show you how you are a threat to anything good and wholesome, but you cannot show them shit! They can cut all trees, pave over sacred grounds, mine whatever, build 100 story building... but if you even so much as smoke a joint, yo ass is breaking laws.

They can fly, ship, rail, buy from China... but  you smuggle, you need a license, down payment, startup money, good credit, the right credentials... to work in all the wrong places.

Corporate stores became so popular because mom and pop stores were as corrupt as hell. They didn't serve blacks, they were as racist as was an era we do not want anyone to be able to be held accountable. We're still discussing removing statue of civil war heroes, but heroes for who and does that make them "true heroes"? What if you asked a Native American or Black American or even a conscious White person, because another true blooded American would not and will not do those kinds of things to another true-blooded American.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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