Coke, can Americans survive without coke in their diet?

Bout a stupid question is it not? 

Who the hell needs coke in America? What does products like coke cause you to do?

Well, if you are event planning, there is lots of serious money at stake and many events are sponsored by producers of soft drinks like coke, in America. Coke has a way of having what every American dream of in a can? Even though the cans keep getting smaller, coke is something Americans have branded themselves with,why?

Though the majority of Americans are hooked on soft drinks, coke being the most popular, of which we drink so much until it jeopardizes our health and complain of other things.

I like soft drinks just as well as anyone one, but does two wrongs make a right? If it is your right, why can't you just make it on your own? Why can noone else make the most popular drink of all?

Is coke really this good, is it worth it, really? Is it any healthier than any of the other vices or fast foods? Why does coke never suffer any losses, why have not these evil drinks disappeared? Why can not we share some responsibility and stop doing this evil to self and others? What if, let's say a terrorist, was able to slip in and slowly, over time coke the world to death? Would we challenge him?

How can a drink, which we acknowledge as good for nothing, of absolutely no nutritional value, but quality and taste, become the most popular drink in history and promoted the world over, when it really should be avoided, if you want good health? Coke is the largest producer, but there are other soft drink companies who are just as guilty. How do you right such a gross wrong, and we want to police the world of crime.

Ever tried to get a free coke? Shouldn't there be at least one free coke holiday in America? Don't we sell enough coke to deserve one free coke a year?

Coke, coke everywhere but none free to drink, not for one American. But events sponsored by coke are free, why, coke gives so much to Americans but why not free coke?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!