Closing Doors in Your HOUSE

As simple as this may seem, is there anything more to it?

Have you ever visited people who religiously close all the doors in their home? I am not talking about for a short while, but all day and night long?

If you are not used to this, then your level of suspicion is raised as you encounter individuals living in the same home behind closed doors.

Early on in my life I was raised in a large family, my grandmother, her four daughters and each of them had a child or two, all different genders. Because our house was small our rooms were multi-purpose and there was just one bathroom. Today, such a situation is all but gone. Everyone just about lives in a home with their own bedroom and in many cases bathrooms.

For reasons unknown to us, we have gravitated to more lavish homes,  under the guise of needing more privacy, but what are the results? Have you seen a poor home advertised on the front of one of our major magazines, why not? Do they even exist and are any worthy?

At about age five, I was adopted into a home where we all had our own space, but what was the difference?

When living in cramped quarters, we were happier, bonded and worked together better. Though our personal space was a lot smaller, our sense of family was a lot stronger, discipline was something we grew up with, more so than those living in more lavish homes. Do to limited resources we had to pull together.

Though I enjoyed the comfort of having my own space, I was often more lonely. I missed the uninvited invitations to join in on what my siblings were doing, the creativity and mulit-purpose rooms. We even played under beds. Simply put, I missed living in close-quarters.

Today, we have more of what I will call "dead-beat" family members living in overpriced homes. They get up late and go to bed late. They contribute less and less to what our society requires to live. They want to live in nice homes, nice neighborhoods, when all they do is stay in  their rooms doing what?

Where is the responsibility for doing household chores, receiving allowances and helping to make a house a home? What is happening to our sense of responsibility for allowing this kind of sorry behavior?

This sorry ass behavior is not initiated by our  poor people but our wealthy people, more affluent professionals, but yet  they criticize those they are charged to train. They can dish it but they cannot take it?

Living behind closed doors, only begets the idea of needing more space than necessary. Young, we start out with grand dreams and as we age we learn all this shit we have created is too much to main alone. Living alone or behind closed doors significantly hinders your ability to negotiate space and the use of it with others. You now think this part of the house, for which you live for "free" is YOURS. How many talented people do lavish living produce?

I will use carbon footprint as my example: Does nature have a door? From where did the idea of all these inside doors come? Do we really need all  this extra space and doors for privacy? Why did not teepees have inside doors? What is the total amount of green space you need to directly or indirectly support human activity? The smaller, the better. Waste not want not. The more doors the more potential for criminal activity.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!