Colorism Within the Black Community

The light skinned privilege??? Exploited because it is big business???

Angry and insecure dark skinned females…I’m ugly because I’m Dark skinned??? The bashing of Black men and many notorious black feminists; have been at the root of this conspiracy?

black men treat lighter skinned women better? Go out in public with lighter skinned women but only behind closed doors with dark skinned women? Black men are more abusive towards dark skinned women?

Mass media uses black feminists who pick the worse black females to demonstrate their point and as a justification for failed relationships. That all this is happening without solutions.

The validity of these accusations are minute compared to the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that Black Americans are much less loyal to themselves than to any other people. If it is this way at the top, then there is no other way in the basic unit at the bottom, family.

Why this problem? There are many excuses, too many too mention, but none are acceptable. Seeking the wrong kind of attention, the most common excuse would be survival in a very destructive society. The next most common excuse would be church, which pits unsaved blacks against saved blacks. The third most common excuse would be school. The fourth might be money… and then "outside influences". The temptations are too many and no excuse is acceptable.

The source of this problem is within Black people, which would be the same source for correcting this problem.

How to correct this problem? Know where we're going and how we're going to get there? Simply, start acting the same way you would want any other human being to treat you (with dignity and respect). For this, there’s a lot of inward/spiritual work required. You can't make nobody love you, it's all about what you will accept.  

We spend years teaching and learning, the question is what and how does it benefit us? Karma can be a "mother". As a people, we must do much more work to move us towards interdependency, not as a race but as a people.

Back to dating, a good man could care less about the looks of the woman he loves, as long as his basic needs are being met. We all have mothers, family members who are not of the appearance fitting the beauty described by mass media and we love them without regard to their appearance to the outside world.

If you want someone else to love you don’t give them a choice, love yourself.

(((your inner 

King Leopol journey to the Congo

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!