Digging Your Own GRAVE!

And there's another twist to this, Whose digging your grave?

Does not readily answering a stranger's message does that constitute a rude character? There's lots of work going on but what's really happening?

Is it okay to dig your own grave? What about to dig a grave for another fellow human being? What we do makes a loud and clear statement and as Americans, we're like The Mafia.

Knowing we have to die most of us don’t give a shit, we take no responsibility in abusing/littering our environment. How does forgiveness apply here?

In a society so politically and socially correct, we use forgiveness as a remedy for all. We’ve made forgiveness a “catch all phrase” for all the bad we do. Isn’t forgiveness just a state of mind? Because we forgive our selves does that do anything or do we just think it does? Does forgiveness really allow us to continue without consequences? Does the black eye just go away? Well, if forgiveness does not help you deal with the consequences isn’t it hurting more than helping? Isn’t forgiveness just like alcohol abuse? All of this makes forgiveness like digging your own grave.

I spoke to a young lady today, giving a compliment and she just ignored me, by not immediately speaking back. When I addressed that to her, she said I was “harried, impatient and judging”. How long should one have to wait to acknowledge a simple greeting? Are we digging our own grave? Further, she suggested I learn to keep my cool and be patient in life for in being harried you miss the beauty of life. Should I do all of this, will I see more beauty in life or is that just her way of trying to be more “goody two shoe” than me? We’re native Americans too impatient, harried… so just who are the really impatient people here?

We do bad things with an “(((oh well)))” kind of attitude, thinking we can just forgive ourselves and everything is going to be alright, but when it’s on the other foot... Take slavery for example: though no one takes responsibility for it does that mean we’re getting away with it? If we forgive ourselves is all okay? Then, why do we arrest criminals and in particular, why are we so hard on the enslaved?

In digging our own grave, we make unwise decisions which result in harming self and all that surrounds us. Do we want to destroy each other? There are only three things in this world and they are People, Land and Resources. Using today as proof, how are we managing them? Due to poor management we’re ALL suffering. Now, how does our future look?

From the murderous beginnings of America, all we’ve done is dig our own grave and by now, we’ve done it so much for so long, we think it's right, so we’re doing it even more. What happens when a frog does not immediately respond to a hungry snake?

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