Do black men know God

God loving, a man who knows God, God fearing... and believe it or not many black men say they know God, just to gain favor from women claiming to know God.

To ask me if I know God or not is none of your business and if you think you know him, then why are you running around seeking anything?

To make it known that you are looking for a God fearing man is an insult, unrealistic and a phony. We don't know nothing, not even if we will receive our next breathe, much less claiming to know a deity so vast as God. Of all  the things we need to know and neglect, why do we kleen on to the notion of knowing God, which we know we do not, because if you did, you would not have to verbalize it nor use it in seeking a partner. Do you ask your employer if they are God Fearing.... Why would  you work for the devil yet want to be in relationship with a saint? Do you think God would tolerate this two-faced behavior? You work for the devil but sleep with a saint??? Is money your God? Being naive to the dynamics of the diverse personalities and behaviors of individuals fraudulent attempts to deceive you.

Really, who on this earth knows God and if you knew God why would not you be more productive, proactive, instrumental, involved in bringing about much needed change in this wicked society?

More than likely the person you're rejecting "is God"? Then, it may not be a question of them being God, but know, you do not know him.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!