Am I Beautiful or is it For Real?

Can you believe it, you've gotten to this age and are able to ask yourself this question?

Can you honestly answer, is peer pressure, is my organization to which I belong, does my town tolerate, the homeowners association approval...I think you get my it legal, can any new discovery be legal, even if all you did was discover it? It was already there, people before you were using it in a practical manner and now, you came by and discovered it and now you get paid?

You know I would really like to be a great success during my life. Certainly, I would not want to do anything today, for which I will be ashamed of tomorrow.

When I think of what we're actually doing, my fingers just go to typing, I don't care about mistakes, it just maybe written in another language, but it is upto you to get the message.

When I ask myself, is this for real or is it my mirage? Am I leading such a wonderful life, so much so, I feel compelled to cause my children to pay dearly for another education, I created?

is a formal education, for which I created, to test my fellow man and requires him to reward me monetarily, for the sake of my profits... oh, the  more profits I make, the better I am...the more money I have the better I am???

The dark deep secrets of education, the audacity to persuade you away from applied learning and  then to smooth  it over by telling you this is how our society grows? 

The financial value of a formal education is astronomical as compared to our devaluing life as it is supposed to be lived. Mass media and our sources of news are overwhelmed with presenting us images of their idea of successful people, as we just sit back waiting on them to fall.

I hear local, state and global news, the same as you and it is designed that way. We take advantage of "mass information", what whoever wants you to believe and we go to war over calling this "intelligence". You seen how wrong, irresponsible, immature, devastating,,, falsely accusing... this can be.

You will have to ask yourself is this for real or is it fake? Do we really need a wall or should we, would we be more productive by building a bridge? I mean the shit is simple, it takes no thinking, should I build a wall to keep my neighbor out or is there a need to build a bridge so we can better help each other?

What happen to the divide which divide us before, why, how did it change to where immigrant workers, people, children, women... are fleeing to my house? When, how did they get the illusion that shit is better at my house than it is at theirs?

Is it possible for me to sit back on my ass and dream of the notion that Mr. Warren Buffet, with all his wealth is living so much better than me so I'll make my way, steal my way to wherever the hell he is and sit on his front porch, literally throwing myself upon his mercy, begging him to give me a job? Is this shit for real?

Are they stealing something I do not have? I ain't seen no immigrant workers trying to get in my house, asking to be hired or stealing what I have? The only place I see this is on the news?

You'll stop by the Mexican Restaurant but the Black Restaurant, well it just ain't the same! What is it to which these people are attracted, lured, who is doing the luring and what is the reality of the whole process. I mean who would want to take on our debt? 

Who, what people, in their right mind, are attracted, so attracted to a people obsessed with buy, buy, debt, debt, and "things", like watching tv, being on their cell phones talking about nothing but bullshit? What is so luring/tempting about a people killing each other everyday, living in violence, profit driven poverty, creating more abusive, hostile environments, exploiting everything in sight, needing more  police in schools, obsessed with the notion of classroom killings..a land where most of its people do not know The Pledge of Allegiance or The Star Spangled Banner, much less the constitution... I mean my grammar may not be all that... so will someone please tell me how these so called immigrants see this, the American lifestyle as a lifestyle they would like to live? Do they see the Native Americans, Black Americans or do we count??? We cannot find a job but they can????

I mean do they really know my hospital bill, that my internet bill is 5 times my water bill and if my water is shut off, if my electricity is shut off, what I pay for natural gas, how much a car cost, insurance, taxes... I mean the reality of living life in America, vs. the reality of me living life in some other country? Is it really easier in America than anywhere else in the world, if you ain't never been there, how in the hell do you know?

Do they know about childhood obesity, the poor state of health of the American population, do they know how hard it is to make a dollar, how expensive, how corrupt, how divided, how racist, how greedy, how violent, how hypocritical... I mean I don't know none of my whiter neighbors and guess what??? They don't won't to know me, so why in the hell do they want to know them and skip me? There are some nice people in /America, but just like anywhere else they are far and few inbetween, which makes us all the same, from the highest mountains, deepest jungles, coldest places on earth, life survives, everyone has their challenges, not one of us the same but believe me, we know how to survive,.

They, immigrants are coming here and American businesses are going there? I mean, I just don't see it? Why would I hire a truck load of immigrants to do my construction work while at the same time, building a wall to keep their asses out?

This tells me, some of our most valued systems are not working. A man slips into my home, eats my food, takes my wife and children, don't contribute to the growth of my family, then what am I? What good would it do for me to build a wall? What if some of my family members needed services only offered on the other side? Is it better to build walls, barriers or to build bridges to help overcome barriers?

When my children grow up, my future looking brighter??? is this what I want to receive, is this making their lives easier, is it supposed to be more expensive... can I handle the consequences, why take a chance? Is it any different than the stupid shit I did before?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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