drug testing for Food Stamps

Georgia now requiring the rest of the world to urinate in a cup and pass a drug test prior to receiving aid, ruled unconstitutional and here's why? 

drug testing for Food Stamps, Georgia’s drugs for groceries

They’re selling their food stamps, they’re buying drugs with food stamps, state employees are subject to drug testing so why not food stamp recipients? What do we have against drug abusers we do not have against people abusers?

In a society plagued by violence and abuse, driven by feelings of anger and resentment, bitter and consumed with hatred, who sends tons of food and money to foreign aid and disaster relief, who wants to enact laws allowing guns in churches and schools; be so self righteous as to require every request for public assistance be subjected to drug test, without reason to believe drugs are being used?  Why are we targeting hardship cases when there are so many other blatant abuses and violations of the system?

Control, Punishment or is this an attempt to reduce America’s number of food stamp recipients, by enacting laws denying much needed assistance, whether on drugs or not?  How do drugs and guns get into our communities and who buys food stamps? 

Many are agreeing because they feel some sense of justice being served, what’s good for one is good for another, but there’s a huge difference between applying for a job and applying for public assistance, due to hardship.

Why should any food stamp recipient be concerned about being drug tested in order to receive food stamps, why should anyone experiencing hardship be drug tested to receive help? We claim we want to stop food stamp abuse, but we’re actually throwing the baby out with the bath water by blatant disregard for and including specific language that "there is a reason to believe a person is engaging in illegal drug activity or has substance use disorder" and is therefore in violation of constitutional protections against unreasonable searches. Human rights over civil rights.  Continue reading "Right to Life? Drug Testing for Food Stamps..."

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The best info is the info we share!
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