Every Book Is Misinformation

Proof? The greatest crime against all humanity. How do you know?

Every book on the market today is misinformation! Even the dictionary and though we have it, we know the meaning of fewer words, our use of the language, slang, dialects and have discovered each word has more meanings than we could ever write.

Why do I even write this? Because I want to see and realize a world of peach and harmony, where individuals have the courage to police themselves, a society where everyone can be prosperous. Do you think this is unrealistic or we just like evil, turning good into bad for profit?

Do you think a police force like we have today is needed, is it working? The same with our system of formal education. I want to see a world with No fucking unnecessary stress, depression, crime, houses we cannot afford or maintain, poor people, rich, middle-class and all this other fucking self-inflicted bullshit, we call an economy.

From where did books come and one man/group interpretation of what transpired is biased and limited to the experiences of the writers. Plus, any book attempting to predict the future is no more credible than any human being knowing if he or she will wake up tomorrow or live through today. We do not know shit and the more shit we want  you to believe we know is our attempt to influence your thinking and we are very good about that.

Just the fact you do not know and want proof is evidence you are already indoctrinated by the system. You are too stupid, too dumb, to insecure to listen and trust in your own thoughts and you are not responsible and nor do you want to be. Do you need a written law to tell you how to treat others? If we are so informative in our writings why do we pollute our precious water, air, food...? Why are we overwhelmed by trash, information overload? Why do we equal money to life and living. Why would we deny anyone drinking water because they do not pay? We are addicted to MONEY! 

Most of us are so set on making a system work that we know there is no way in hell it will work because it has never worked... we just tell more and more lies. If there is anyone good book, why do not we follow it? Do you know long and popular the Bible is, why do not we know and follow it by now?

Statistics, surveys, reports, documentaries.... well, if you asked the man who produced any of these kind of documents a simple question, he would refuse to give you a simple answer, because we have over complicated things so bad, nothing we do make sense. Even you know these words are true, you want believe them because the belief of truth would upset the balance of powers and profits and certainly we would not want to be caught in such a compromising position. We're are made to believe we are here for one reason and that is any reason they tell you.

Why do we need a book to help you better live? You do not need a book to tell you when you are mistreating someone, but you need a book for someone else to tell you. You do not need a book to help educate you, but you need a book to tell you do not listen to your parents but to educators.

Why do we or would anyone want to intentionally deceive their own kind, which is the "greatest crime against humanity"? Who needs an evil alien when we have us, who needs a war or an enemy when there is us and how can we judge anyone else when we are so evil? 

How do we get away with such horrific crimes, because we have deem ourselves the authority of every fuck thing on earth and if you do not conform, we will do all we can to punish your ass. So, your logic is not your fucking knowledge but a compilation of all the bullshit you have read and experienced and made to believe by the power of the dollar, that it is good cause.

WTF is inflation? WTF is welfare? Evil ass justice system? Why books you read today are changed by tomorrow? WTF is technology? Why so much racism? Why do we think we are the only, the more advanced people to ever walk the face of the earth, yet all we ever created is exploitation?

Why do we need so many hospitals and churches, think for your fucking self? Why any people caring hospital deny any human being care, without insurance? Why do we have so many help programs and groups yet, people, land and resources are going to hell in a handbasket?

That is just how evil our asses are. Most of us have not a clue, the ones with a clue are so pressured to ignore it and then that just leaves that small percentage of evil asses, desiring to control  the world as they know it, which includes deceiving us so they can do just that.

Life is a lifelong learning experience, cannot be in captured in no book, technology especially by us because we are working to deceive, lie, cheat and kill our own people.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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