Face recognition technology is bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit!

You mean to tell me we have gone from an individual being able to recognize another peaceful human being to a point we believe a machine can do a better job??? It is amazing how we create problems to solve problems which create even more problems and we are elated over our ability to do this shit.

What drove us to face recognition technology and does it really address root causes? We would like to believe it is not but know it is and there are those of us who work for you to be this confuse.

Can you imagine there was a time a man could walk behind a bush and relieve himself, without polluting our God given resources??? No, modern day technology, over population, sexual harassment/assault, identification, no wallets, passports, visa, finger prints, collateral, insurance, no roads, cars, bus, trains, planes, road kill, none of all this material bullshit we have come to accept today and the world operated even better than it does today??? Do you realize how many lives are sacrificed for what we call development or is if for PROFIT? Hard to believe, isn't it, how could a human being ever have survived without, air conditioning, heating, city water, electric, gas... is running water actually running water of yesterday or is it some stored up polluted, less of quality water we must pay to drink? Do you remember a time when we actually banned together to overcome challenges instead of depending on machines? And we are talking about "face recognition technology"?

Face recognition technology is just an excuse for profit, a machine is not responsible and has no sense of responsibility.

Our most important excuse is profit, so how are you going to change this shit?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!