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Corporate America and Gas Prices, are they really American?

Corporate America is good at getting you hooked on trouble but when it comes to getting us out of trouble, what does corporate America do? They kick you in the ass every time.

We're so good at problem solving, so why do these gas prices soar out of control or are they out of control? Friction is a good thing when the intentions are positive.

Gas prices soar above $4, and not due to go down until September, but has any American commodity ever gone up and then back down, including taxes? No, so why would you expect gas to do so?

Even as unstable as gas prices soar up, the down is never low enough to make up for the difference. The days when dad could put his pocket change in the milk jar are long gone. It all goes to taxes and the pumps, therefore Little Junior's college gets smaller and smaller, which forces people to take more drastic measures.

No one is happy about the spike in gas prices and we see the train wreck coming, but it seems there’s nothing we can do, so we’re doomed. It’s definitely a hardship on the very people gasoline was intended to help, but now we’re crippled and at the mercy of the great gasoline monster we created.

It’s because of the lack of supply ... there’s just no backup supply. Are we saying, we didn’t see this catastrophe coming, due to mismanagement of resources hard times are upon us?

How long can we pass on higher costs as the value of the consumer dollar decreases – train wreck?

“It’s too expensive,” “The prices are outrageous.” “We really didn’t think prices would get this high,” “We’ll just have to hang on tight to our wallets”, but will any of these options stop the train wreck? How can one American (Congress) consciously place this kind of burden upon their fellow Americans?

Is this a political ploy against Obama Care to force us into physical fitness?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!