Formal Education

Two types of education, formal and informal, do they complement?

There are two types of education, formal and informal. How does Science win over informal education, which is proven and has sustained life for many more years? Why prove what does not need proving?

Formal is an education received in any of our institutions of learning, which consist of k through 12 and/or college. It is promoted and adopted as a most important qualification to help determine how one may better earn a living in our society. It is primarily based upon one's ability to achieve more education to earn more money by becoming a subject matter expert, based upon your ability to earn money. It is all knowledge based and nothing to do with wisdom, they even teach you can circumvent wisdom. Saying, being foolish, idiotic and stupid, you can still achieve top ranking by our standards of formal education.

Informal is wisdom, a real life education received without having to pay, attend an institution and all tests are real and final, no retests. Call it common sense, life lessons, the golden rule, respect for human beings... any of those things which teaches the basics of surviving in life and living, causing a person to be wise. This education is based upon home training and the ability of a society to teach its citizens how better to work together to survive. "Only" the wise shall understand.

Formal education has grown to be Big Business, which has enticed our society to hold it in high regard and is a pay as you learn experience. The more you pay or can afford, the better institution you may attend and the more credible our society views your earned credentials. It overlooks character, in lieu of one's ability to manipulate the system. This resonates with being unteachable, not willing to listen, wicked and not understanding, because we think we know every damn thing. Ever tried telling the recipient of a doctoral degree anything, what exactly does this mean, before we gave such high opinion of what it means today?

The problem is these two means of preparing its people for life has grown further and further apart they no longer compliment their intended purpose, but pits one citizen against the other. Our society has made formal education mandatory and given it priority over informal education, which cannot be ignored, if we want to be wise. Our society now negates any reasoning for abstaining from formal education, with only dead-end solutions to those dedicated to mastering informal education. Formal education leaves little room for reasoning, but profits and Science.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!