Being "Fucked up" means

you know how fucked up you are when you do not understand the definition of being fucked up. Wasted, you are so drunk, you can not control yourself and whatever is going on means nothing to you because you must contend with your own drunkenness and you do not need alcohol or drugs to be fucked up.

They say, this is not a word to be used in public, but that is exactly from where I got it. 

They say it is adult language, not to be used by children, but used to describe immature behavior and children use it when they think no adults are around. Just like any other adult word, kids use them too, but as long as we do not hear them, we act like they are not learning from their environment. How do you think adults know the word?

My first encounter with this phrase was at home, about age 5, when I heard one adult tell another how "fucked up" they were.

They say, never accept being called fucked up, to prove them wrong. But if you are having thoughts of proving them wrong, is that saying they were right?

People do fucked up shit for stupid reasons, but it sounded good at the time. Being fucked up brings just that in return - karma. So, if your life is not going well, then you already know. If you feel the need to go somewhere in order to get back on track, then you already know. If you feel you are right and everybody else wrong, then you already know. If you listen to our politicians, they always have a better plan, even though the last plan did not work.

This word is most commonly used in the military, in business and is quickly spreading in all aspects of industry.

Being fucked up has nothing to do with you, as much as it does with your behavior, some form of mistreatment. It is one of those phrases, when directed at you, it does not need defining. You already know it is not a good thing.

Fraud, waste and abuse is being fucked up.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!