Game recognizes Game

The game of life vs the game we as a socitey created?

Some would be too quick to lead you to the Bible and spend all this time explaining who, what, when, where about how shit was created, why you should follow them, who follow the Good Book.

But our real History tells us,,, WE AIn't Shit! Yeap, the best of us, the worst of us,,,we ain't shit and are so educated, we no longer know what real shit is. What is Same-Sex and why has it taken the good book followers so long to recognize, confess to their involvement into LGBT game? We are so fucking calculating, confusing, lying, misinformed, misguided, disgusting... people to ever walk the face of the earth and for some stupid reason and what makes us so toxic for and to each other, refuse, deny, ignore, don't care, money hungry, over educated, over qualified, under qualified,,, all that shit we accuse each of.

There were great things going on before we came, how can we improve upon this? Why do we take so much credit for all the violent and abuse ways we use to achieve victory? How can the path of destruction lead to the path of construction? All the construction For What? The money, the dead end jobs, money leads to dead end jobs and dead end jobs lead to money. How can we get around this? Then, we scrutinize everybody else, like we really know some shit. One coverup after the next, to what does the lead? Why cover it up and if you feel the need to cover it doesn't this tell you something. Call it concealed!

Why do you think there is so much crime, is more than it was in the beginning, is it declining, what about Global Warming?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!