The Gift of True Self

The brain freed from the body. A human being who's less of a being, to whom are you listening, smart machines?

Gadgets are turning us into a nation of obsessive multi-taskers. We're being condition to want to upgrade everything but self. Is there something about trying to store your mind in a machine, your eyes in a camera...? Are we getting closer to being better human beings or better computers? How does better computers make us better human beings?

Absolutely we are being conditioned and the majority of Americans will surrender freedom for comfort. Conditioned to what,,, Not to listen to your own self, your own best advice... The brain, is one of the most important organs we have, yet the lest understood. 

Being conditioned, we are blinded to the best of who we really are.

We've become too busy, too intellectual, too religious, too political, to hypocritical, too technically savvy, too committed to rules and ideas that, in the end, don’t serve our growth nor do they expand awareness of our true selves and our purpose.  How many pills do you take a day? Dangerously naïve, we overdo everything.

More intelligent machines but dumber human beings. What good are you when your brain is being controlled?  What happens when you tamper with the pleasure center of the brain? Losing all touch with reality, are we overdoing these intelligent machines,,,smart machines?

All of which limits self-expression and what is best and right for us. We're actually creating a human being who's less of a being, rendering the brain literally useless. All your thoughts put into a machine, now what do you have to do?

Do you hear your inner voice? Do you honor the gift that is your true Self?

Your time is limited, why waste it living someone else’s life or allowing fear and the noise of others to drown out your inner voice.

(((your inner

child sex-trafficking

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!