Gospel music and the gospel!

god-dammit! Instead of forbidding public prayer they should have forbid gospel music in public...

It ain't the music as much as the attitude that goes along with the music. We complain like hell about rap music, which we are finally realizing it ain't doing no good and it is all because of the gospel motherfuckers.

Talking about some arrogant ass motherfuckers, they think because they're sanging some shit about Jesus Christ their hypocritical asses can use their music to over-power everybody. And it wouldn't be a bad thing if their asses weren't more hypocritical than the people from which they exclude themselves.

It also would be okay if they practiced what the fuck they preached, but it is a very taunting to hear a motherfucker sanging "a whole bunch of lies".

If you go back to when we were singing spiritual then that was something to jump and shout about. It was the truth and you respected it that way. But this shit they refer to as gospel music just make people think their shit doesn't stink. It sounds good to the ear but when you listen to the words they are about as far from reality as can be.

Why, do ever think about how gospel music replaced spirituals, how it came about? NOOO,, and you probably don't give a shit, but please give the rest of us a fucking break. Too much of anything is TOO FUCKING MUCH and especially if it is LIES.

Why wear your religion on your sleeve? Who must you prove anything to? Why play with something which is supposed to be so sacred between you and God? What other people goes around telling everyone else how wrong they are, how right they are so you should join us? Just say I accept Jesus, grab a Bible and you are saved???? On to the next unsuspecting victim and we call them missionaries. Where were these punk-ass missionaries during Indian wars, slavery, jim crow, gun control, evil banks, corporate greed, oil wars, mega churches............. and you are blasting them same old songs.

Celebrities did all the shit they could do under r&b and just like a convict in prison who takes up the Bible, they started singing gospel and called it a life changing experience. These life changing experiences are no more or less than those of a regular old convict and when they get over their little gospel rant, they are back at the same old evil shit. Now, our churches are full of shit and the same is happening with your soul.

Christians refer to the “Gospel” they are referring to the “good news”--- When have you heard any good fucking news lately? The term gospel is found ninety-nine times in the ... 

apostle Paul, That there would be no doubt about exactly what the gospel means -- What message are you sending? What good does it do to know but live just the opposite? What were the characteristics of the people who created the word gospel? Is it any different today? No, just worse.

Other than jumping up and down and free to sing lies loud as hell, what is the difference between gospel music of today and any other music? How do you get inspiration from LIES? How can you refer to lies as gospel?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!