Grandparents Dating???

By the time you get to be a grandparent you have experienced a lot but what does that tell you?

Our society has so changed where grandparents are dating as much or more than young people.

This has put a whole new spin on dating, mostly what are you trying to accomplish. You are well passed child bearing age, raising a family. So, what next?

Loneliness and mental decay are driving many people old enough to be grandparents back into the dating arena. These are well experienced daters but dead set and determined to avoid mistakes or earlier dating. Heck, most did not even dated before diving into serious relationships, yet  portray themselves as dating/relationship experts.

Well, if we were getting any better at relationships, then by this time there would be no need to get back into the dating game. What are we missing?

The things we are missing are the things we deny and we are still missing them yet demanding more. By grandparents time, God is a significant figure to talk about, but if you had Him all the time why would you suggest others do not?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!