Hatred and Racism in America

How do we see the hatred and racism, what do they do for people in foreign lands, where is the blind eye to our own?

Experiencing the horrors of the adult world. 

Hatred and racism towards Who? It amazes me how shocked, how surprised, how newsworthy, what we want to call isolated incidents of hatred and racism, are in America. As blatant, as overt and as prevalent as hatred and racism is in America today, I also have no understanding how Americans can be so involved in fighting hatred and racism abroad, as if we have it under control at home.

What they believe in, what they practice and what they say is actually very destructive. We speak of tolerance, we speak of changing hostile environments, we speak of prejudice, and we speak of racial relations, yet, when it comes to hostility toward police, their families, and profiling them through bigotry we are expected to tolerate it.. “I will not, nor will my child.” Yet, law enforcement is the greatest perpetrator of hatred and racism in America.

2016 and learning about racism in America for your first time, is this a joke??? How does this very prevalent hatred and racism go without notice in America? How is hidden from so many "innocent people"? How does one kid know and another does not?

The horrors of the adult world, Wishing it was not an issue to begin with, trying to cope with it, how do you get past it and learn from it yourself ?

What we know is the America we know today was built on violence and abuse. Somewhere in there is an understood level of acceptance and a serious state of denial.

The understood level of acceptance wants all to believe they are justified in giving just a little. Those in a serious state of denial act like all is okay and just want to be left alone. So, both groups are profiting.

We all wish it never happened, but are very active players in whatever benefits us most today and in this mix, no progress is made until an incident occurs, which we cannot deny. Even though hatred and racism in America is a way of life, they are even more profitable when we take-on the fight of our foreign neighbors.

Hatred and racism in America are all about profits, as long as the right people profit what is the problem. Therefore, our children grow up with this inherited level of acceptance. They see it as an age thing, an economic thing, a social thing, instead of blatant acts of hatred and racism.

For those of us who speak the truth, this truth is discredited by the powers to be and these powers to be include the innocent victims of American hatred and racism.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!