A beautiful day with horses

Reflexion --- Invaded--- A breath of fresh air

Been raining for the past two weeks so pretty much all you can do is eat and look, on the first day of summer, Summer Solstice 2017, in the Northern Hemisphere.

They don't ask what color, seldom complain about the weather, no matter how severe and whether they like it, not looking for a handout, but somehow they are domesticated for their owners, within comes all these problems. Have you ever tried coexisting with a fool? He doesn't know and does not care.

My cows, my horses, my country, my land...do you think they are having any bad thoughts about how self-serving your ass really is? Do you really ever own anything, then, why make it seem this way?

All those years and energy invested in working to help you become what you are today and now... replaced by your machine. it would be okay if my freedom was restored, but my thank you is to be entertainment for your bad habits.

I reflect back to the indigenous people of this land and wonder why they never pursued any of this bullshit we have today and they coexisted with Nature much better than we ever? Why replace natural remedies and treatments with remedies and alternative treatments for profit?

What should be our goal? Should it be this thing we call progress by killing each other? Did they have such problems with crime? What about all the money we exchange for work and dead end jobs? Do we really think we live forever and material things will be passed on? Then, why do we fight over them? How long do material things last and how long can you maintain them?

Do you think the next generation will see the need for "paved" roads like you did not see the need for dirt roads, on which you are too arrogant to live? How could dirt be a problem when it was created on which to live? Something so simple as dirt, Mother Earth has become one of our greatest aggravations and in this light we are forever doomed to cover it up, yet expect to grow, lol.  

Should our goal be to arrest all criminals,  to incarcerate or should it be to create an environment, in which every human being would want to to feel free, in dignity and respect? Then who is going to arrest you?

With a strong sense of responsibility that whatever you decided to do, did not include us all, but was just your business and only you were held accountable?

Does living include stealing from your neighbors? What about guns, are you serious, don't you know they can hurt you and your love ones? Aren't you wise enough to create a better, less violent, abusive and less permanent last result for resolving disputes? Do you really think what you created, guns, are the most powerful weapon? The way we used them is just another way of destroying your own life? If what you do to others is done to you, why do we think consequences are based upon our own judgement? No problems with having guns, but why isn't there a law against using them to resolve disputes, including law enforcement when it comes to your own people? If we did not create it then this one problem would be one less? A man is afraid of an ass whipping but he wants to be able to dish one out, what is he considered? Why so careless? Isn't invasion another word for what you do not want done to you-being invaded? Captured, domesticated and used for profit. 

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!