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Why are so many of our leaders indicted? Where are the people of good quality?

What does all this say about the people by which you are surrounded? Such a sad state of affairs when a person in charge aligns themselves self with a gaggle of "yes men"! A fast way to lose great talent. The person who challenges us to examine our own thinking has the possibility to drive us further and higher because they made us step outside of our box.

There are many decisions to be made in life and it looks like the more we live the more complicated/tricky these decisions become. We claim to be so independent but when it gets right down to it, we cannot do one thing without consideration of others, so why not consult first? We must work on the quality of people around us and that is just a matter of leading the way. Look at how many of us end up in jail or ostracized from society, yet we still must deal with us. There are an endless number of addictions we use to cope with daily living.

innovative, intelligent advisors, we're all one but it takes us all to make the world go round.

1) They Take Your Thoughts and Ideas Higher

If they’re honest, even the most creative leaders will acknowledge  most of their best thinking is done by others. Typically, a leader’s ideas start out small, but then others on the team take hold of them and stretch them to their maximum potential. Isolated leaders never obtain as much influence as those who surround themselves with an inner circle of innovative, intelligent advisors. It's really hard to know the difference between who's saying yes for the good of the whole or for selfish reasons. Selfish reasons just "set you up for failure".

2) They See What You Miss

Few people are aware of their blind spots, and yet our field of vision is always limited by our particular background and/or experiences. Moreover, we tend to justify our own behavior by our intentions, while we judge others by their actions. Whether from narrowness or self-interest, then, we’re bound to miss important clues or overlook key evidence.

Not only do all leaders have blind spots, but many people can be hurt because of them. As a leader’s influence and responsibility grows, so does the number of people affected by their decisions. Thus, when a leader makes a poor choice due to lack of vision, the consequences are widespread.

A competent and diverse inner circle provides a number of perspectives, generates a multiplicity of ideas, and serves as a storehouse of wisdom and experience.  A secure leader makes a point to surround herself with people of differing opinions and often makes course adjustments on account of their input.

3) They Model Your Culture

In any organization, people do what people see. As a leader, your visibility is limited; you can’t be everywhere all at once. You need a reliable inner circle that can be counted on to set an example of servanthood, commitment, and excellence in your relationships, because you want that in return.

How to Identify an “Inner Circle” Member

First and foremost, the members of your inner circle must have trustworthy character. Also, they should have tremendous influence with others as a result of both excellent people skills and evident abilities. In addition, they should have a proven track record. The inner circle isn’t the place for a promising rookie; it should be reserved for veterans with a history of productivity. Finally, the members of your inner circle ought to have gifts that compliment yours. You should be able to learn from them in areas where you are weak. I'm personally grateful for my inner circle who help me tell the hard-plain truth.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!