life and change

Survival and sanity, What they didn't tell you about life and change?

Holy and sanctified people would tell you this about life. I don't care how much preparation you do, no matter how high or low...

Why do we make life seem like smooth sailing, or a vacation on the beach? Why do we tell you if you do all this crazy shit, life would be really good to you.

It sucks at times and the grief can kick you in the ass. Just life and change, from which you've always walked away or ran. So, what are doing here and what are your expectations?

Do you see that trend in your relationships, is that why divorce, domestic violence, crime and things like that are so prevalent?

But we knew all of that before we took the plunge and we knew the risks were greater than anyone wanted to endure. However, we knew the rewards would be that much greater than the risk, only if we survived. Can you survive? Life is not going to change.

How do you survive? Choose survival and sanity first - it's innate.

If you do not realize life is good to you in this moment, life is never going to be good to you until you do.

 Truth and awesome love making ... Just fun!!

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!