Listening to a Black American Man in America is very Dangerous,,,why?

Is it true or is it fiction, is it just or is it White Supremacy or are Black men too distraught to think logically?

Think there is anybody, in the whole of Africa who gives a shit about a Black American male? Do you reckon anyone of them back then, so called savages filed a missing person report? Do you think anyone of the son-of-a-bitches feels any remorse for their willing participation in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade or do they think we have forgotten, don't know, still blame the white man? If you want to know where the most terrifying of terrorists reside, then you ought to visit The Mother Land. If you want to know who never took responsibility or accountability for the  health and welfare of their people, then look no further than Afrika herself.

So, what is the big secret?  We are still in a serious state of denial. If it was any other country with any dignity and respect, they would not rest until their last family member or remains were returned to their  proper place. It is a sad day when you discover your dead fucking ancestors didn't give a fuck about you and even further, they did not report any crimes committed against humanity and while we were in bondage. Not your own mother, daddy, politician, teacher, spiritual leader, President, King, Queen and all we talk about is being Kings and Queens, dedicated to the Bible.

Do you reckon they cared what was happening to their missing family members and love ones, good or bad or do you think they did not know so many people were coming up missing? Reckon they thought we were gone on vacation? And we compare slavery to the Holocaust??? Reckon any of them ever ever made any attempts to police themselves and stop being closed mouth about missing people? And you wonder why Afrikans cannot get along with Afrikans? And this mistreatment of each other still goes on today, with them thinking they are wiser and us thinking we are more advanced. Where is the common ground?

And you have all these Americans talking about going back to their roots, the mother land, family tree,  heritage, coming to America for jobs, if any man ever deserves to be kicked out of America, it would be "Continental AfriKans". Not in the history of America has there ever been a country which so wholeheartedly participated in the creation and maintenance of one of the absolute most evil monsters to ever exist across the globe.

Why even have Black Men if we ain't going to consider them as fellow human beings and include them in our quest for prosperity? Why is it so hard, especially for White Americans, to include the concerns of Black American men in their/our important agendas? Why the hell would one race want to be so cruel to any fellow man and guess what??? These fucking immigrants ride right along with the program. Even black people are too quick to ignore the concerns of black men, because who gives a shit.

Then, when you do ask a Black American man, he's doing his job, job scared. He is very reluctant, not trusting, cover his ass doing his job, knowing he's denying someone very deserving because he thinks doing his job to receive favor from his boss, puts him ahead of others, knowing it will not and this rings true all over America and the world, from the Highest Black American position to the lowest Black American position. Some of us get lucky enough to land very lucrative financial positions, but deny the fact, we are less powerless than before. Then, we act like we are being mistreated by some other uncontrollable force. Just fucked up how fucking treacherous, weak minded our Black asses are, especially to each other.

How can any immigrant, coming to this land after you, so easy get a job and/or business, before any man already in line for the same opportunity; and this be considered things like justice, equal opportunity employer, good business practice, love and respect and help your fellow man... how in the hell is this helping...sounds more stupidity, insanity, punk-ass all rolled up in one... and then we're down on each other for can't get a job, need more job training, a higher degree, more money, any fucking excuse to be cruel to our own asses. Nobody has more sense, oh we live in a democracy... have you ever thought to "ask a Native American" if you do not believe a Black Man??? When it was "good strong Black Men, Women and Children who built these very illustrious prisons, in which we call ourselves living... If living like this is called living, why are we so afraid of death???

We talk a lot shit but let a white man threaten a nigger, now we will go fight for him, put our lives on the line just to voluntarily return to the same old shit and call ourselves heroes, even we cannot give ourselves this credit, this degree, diploma we relish in the thought of the white man has recognized us, even we know he hasn't.... why would you continue to climb the mountain when every time you arrive at the top, the white man has strategically positioned very sophisticated Black Men who are too eager to knock your black ass right back down and this is what they call a job ... Can you imagine climbing a mountain none of us have ever been allowed to climb, we're all so excited to climb, you see some reach the top and get pulled over and now it's your turn, you see a bunch of strong black men standing above you with a warm and friendly smile and just when you are up...they take great pride in knocking your black ass right back down???They are alllowed to help everyone else but your black ass. I'm about telling YOU we ain't shit???

Now, if you take the likes of our new President, which I consider a man true to the actual values of America, and compare him to the average Black American man, the Black American man will win every time, if you remove the money factor and is the money factor any indication of the quality of a man?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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