loneliness wont leave me alone

Am i the only one who thinks like this, why did God make me the only one?

Since 2005 now and it looks like the more I work, the more work to be done.

I am wondering, am I wrong, why do I have these thoughts, why am I so obedient to them, why do I feel so denied and why does pain and suffering appear to be so much more desirable than peace and harmony?

Eighteen "18" of the loneliest years of my life have passed, in hopes of reaching a destination, most only dream of.

The destination is an opportunity to reside with those who desire to live in peace and harmony, at all costs.

There is no money required, you don't need to chop down all the trees, mine all the gold, make the fancy cars, chase pretty girls (sex scandals)... because everything we need has already been provided.

What's wrong with me, what's wrong with this noble goal, why is it so hard for anyone more intelligent than me to understand and implement? Why l "more" more attractive than "less"?

When you look at why we want money, power, fame and fortune, you see a dog chasing its tail? Why do we make life more complicated than necessary to enjoy what is right here before us?

We drag in people we don't even know, to do work we do not want to do, then kick them out at will, only to bring in another group to do the same. We build lavish buildings, only to tear down what has already been built, for what reason? We call all of this progress! We think we can fly. We think we can control the world! We think we are the white on chicken shit!!! and am just wondering why, what good does it do for a man to have these kind of greedy thoughts, especially when you do not want them in return?

How do you see driving, flying, bus, train somewhere you do not even need to go, if you were taking care of business at home? Why create a vacation to escape your own madness, LOL? Why create a government to manage what does not and cannot be managed. Why work in vain? It will all be here and going back to Nature when you are dead and gone.

Living in a society desperate for truth, honesty, 

No one will remember, no one will care, just like you do not care what happened before you. We are only here for a season, why act otherwise, fooling yourselves about the future? Fooling yourselves about how this country came to be what it is today? How all these political campaigns are so misunderstood, nobody even gives a damn? One scandal blames the next!

Why are we so eager to evade living in peace and harmony?

Knowing all we have created led to all this chaos and confusion, in which we live today, why do not we change? Why do we prefer what is not real over what is real, what cannot be had or achieve over what can be passed on? Why act like we are making life easier, when we know our work is more fruitless than ever? How can deceiving yourself be pleasant?

Do we not see our lacking, our failing, our need for improvement, which dictates our duties or do we just go on creating? What good is it to do bad one minute and good the next, is it like drinking good water and bad water, do you enjoy the results of bad water, if you survive? 

Where is the good water?

(((your inner voice.com)))

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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