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The Rich, The Poor, The Ugly Am I LOVE or Am I BULLSHIT?

how can that be…

Everybody wants to say “I don’t know about what I’m talking, it’s my opinion, it’s something to think about….but I am here to present to you one simple bit of evidence to prove you are wrong, and the problems are not what we say they are.


You are your own problem and it will be that way until YOU change.

Do you know how educated, sophisticated, patriotic, lover of people, land and country we claim to be? How much we claim to love “D LORD” and profess Christians we claim to be? All about how we’re utilizing technology to lead the world in a good way? How democratic we are and if you work hard you can make it in America? Then, why are all the motherfuckers I see making it as crooked as hell? Where are the good people because I want to join them?

There are those of you who get paid a handsome salary and benefits for promoting these same old bullshit lies and you’ve got a good excuse for doing it, but I’m here to tell you, you’re doing more harm than good. My questions to you are, why do not we ever get anywhere? Why don’t I see evidence of your love in the justice system? Why don’t I see the same attention to detail used in your neighborhood used in the poor communities? Why do you move away from the poor? How can you say the poor don’t count when everyday we all work to create the same money you spend? Who pays for police and who’s most victimize by the same fucking police?

 How can you have equal employment when the evidence is to the contrary? What kind of shit is that? How can you have a stable economy when all you ever do is “need mo money”? How can say support our troops when we treat our veterans like shit? How can you say, you’re working on the problem when poor people are on the rise and the rich are shrinking? How is that hope, when “race” is the biggest culprit?

How can you say “go back to school” to help solve my problems and the problems of “supposedly our country”? Why do you further complicate what is so simple?

Everybody thinks they have it down. You’ve got the rich and their lavish lifestyles, the poor on hunger strike and the Ugly on both sides of the fence. Now, you tell me what about that resembles love and friendship caught on fire? Glass half full where are the friendships, open minds and endless possibilities? Where is the taking down all the walls we´ve built around our minds and laying them inside? Where’s peace and harmony.

You’ve got every other motherfucker telling every other motherfucker how to love, but nothing resembles the love they describe. Is it just my opinion our government is corrupt and politicians are just puppets for the ´few´ at the top? When I go fishing, hunting…where is the evidence of you being concerned about our environment and are doing something about it?

You’ve go the doctors, preachers, teachers, politicians putting this love thing into ACTION,  yet nothing resembles the love they doctors, preach, teach, or practice, so what good is the POPE? Health, what good is a health department and a medical profession when “childhood obesity is a cover up for adult stupidity”? Have you tried getting a doctor to come see you lately, well what happens when your dumb ass can’t go,,,like it used to be?

I mean this is some serious dumb ass shit and I am here to tell you it has got to change whether you like it or not. Talk about global warming, you ain’t seen anything yet.

Fuel prices drastically changing from day to day, how can you buy 5,000 gallons of gas today at one price and over the next few days raise and lower the price? What about the astronomical cost of being born and buried and calling all of this progress? Why do we do that to each other and all it in the name of love of people, land and country.

Why do we put these motherfuckers (the greatest hypocrites in the world) in positions of authority when they don’t have a fucking clue and then we follow them down the road of destruction?

Am I love or am I bullshit?

My and “The goal” is simple: ¨A Lover of life in all forms¨... and aspire to Love All. If this is you, I would like to know you.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!