How Do YOu Make People Know You Love them?

For what reason???

How do you make anyone feel comfortable you love them? We ll, inorder to get them to perform the way you want, you're suppose to make them feel like you LOVE them. As you read this it may sound a little condescending but if you think about things, this is exactly what we're doing. Is nurturing an act of love or a responsibility? Does loving a person mean you must nurture them?

In today's very turbulent relationships, they say, make your love ones confident that you love them.

The good book says love your neighbor, yet what this world needs more of is "LOVE". That says to me, "we ain't doing something right", now, what is it?

We know you cannot make anyone know you love them and too often the one you love is going to be the one to break your heart. There's something about being vulnerable, yet being able to explore together.

Then, there's this group of people who pretend to know what love is and how to maintain it. They've been married for an extended period of time and/or they've been able to accumulate a bunch of material stuff together and they use this to prove their love. The idea being do you expect me to do all this shit for you without you loving me.

Nurturing, there's a lot of nurturing going on in places like hospitals, schools, churches..., but do we actually love these people?

Why do (((white people))) say, "black people scare them"? Why, How does the oppressor fear the oppressed? Is it that he knows what should happen if he looses his grip? Is it the same with LOVE?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!