Marriage and Sex

philosophical and religious beliefs have come to drive this train.

Supposed to sacred vows but are they? Is, we know but do not want you to know, sacred? It is exciting to see two animals fighting, even  until death, but humans have made this illegal, thought we promote all the weapons and means to make killing each other as easy as possible. Why isn't dying of natural causes not good enough any more, yet we claim to be living better and longer?

Are you all intimate? Women base the majority of their decisions on this one question. If you aren't intimate with them, then their goal is to use their intimacy to get what they want. Her desire for his desire, is what he wants most, even if she gets little or none. So, it doesn't have to make sense, as long as everybody is getting what they are not suppose to have.

Philosophy, of whose persuasion?

We bring in marriage to legalize all of this nonsense. What about all the broken relationships, including marriages which survive just for the sake of being recognized as a legal marriage? We stayed together for the sake of our kids??? So, if your kids lived across the street or the other side of town or another state, due to your failed marriage, what would this say about your failed marriage? How does staying together make an already failed marriage better? How does pretending make anything better?

People actually justify to themselves why they should stay in an undesirable relationship because of the perception of what others might think??? They call it, making your marriage work. No matter how much their spouses are found cheating and cheating is a sin, they ignore this, yet condemn others whose scandals are exposed.

Older women with adult children and grandchildren staying with them, taking no responsibility for life, but in high positions to dictate to others how to best live. Is the goal to raise children to stay at home or is it to get out an make a living for yourself?

Looking at animals which live in groups and especially those at the top of the food chain, dominance rules. Where is the democracy and in human society, though we claim democracy, we know it is not and a long ways from it? We know we're being dominated by the powers that be. Ask the likes of Mr. Cosby?

All this pretentious bullshit about family is just an illusion we want you to believe? Is the white family related to the black family and why are there issues about interracial marriages? Do people hate just because of color, even they claim they are not prejudice, just every race should stick to their own, even though we're all mixed up here together??? The Bible said???

How many erroneous ass explanations can you come up with to explain all this stupid-ass-shit? Even through such atrocities as genocide, slavery, racism, women abuse, child abuse, sex abuse... We know we are doing all this crazy shit, but we do not want you to know we know, HELLO?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!