Why do women want to get married?

You say it is not just women, but it is mostly women.

What has happened to the safety and security of wedlock? What about the sacred vows of matrimony? Has marriage lost its meaning? Is marriage just the Christian thing to do for our children? Are today’s marriages not good examples? Is marriage a politically correct thing to do? Are there deep dark secrets being hidden about marriage? How does divorce effect that all?

It used to be quite obvious why couples got married. Marriage was painted as the romantic Fairy-Tale Love and Christian stepping stone into life, the way to build a family. However, women rights movements have exposed some things about marriage of which we are not too proud. I do not know if you have noticed, but the numbers are creeping up for couples who do not want to get married, why is that?

Marriage, especially for females, used to be a mile marker right after high school and the thing we were supposed to do prior to engaging in sexual activities.

Today, the first level of protection is for birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and careers. Weddings cost have skyrocketed and engagements tend to be shorter.

How do you know the meaning of marriage when it is constantly being redefined? What about pressure from society and peers? Every time I hear of a new couple getting married, I cringe even though I hope for the best.

There is a royal webbing underway; can the Queen of England save marriages? Will it help boost the economy? Will the intimacy of the Abbey make a difference? What about the Princess Diana suffering from the depression and isolation. Will wearing her ring make a difference? Was there another woman?

Christians swear by marriage, but are there any less divorces? It seems the Christian influence on marriage has lost its grip.

What does that say about couples who are still married? Who screwed up marriage?


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