Martial Law and Curfews in America 2017

Who can slick the slicker?

When the majority of a population becomes disgruntled with their government, when they become unresponsive, out of control... someone in the government deems them a threat to themselves and implements measure to force them back into conformity or being more obedient to the powers to the powers that be. Just like you would discipline your children for being lazy, drug addicts, refusing to help their family.

Right now, this is the state of America, a citizenry who does not know if we are going or coming. Citizens have resigned themselves to ignoring Americans who see themselves as "privileged" and now demands a more loyal following. Their demands are pushed by using means of tricky to garner the support of like-minded citizens. This snowballs and before you know it, it is them against us.

The most recent overt attempt being the campaign to "Make America Great Again". Really, what American wants to go back to what it used to be? Do you know our violent and abusive history or do you want to believe we were saints/great?

What is Great? I just spelled it out and you already know. Most importantly it is two schools of thought, one being back and the other being better. Depends on the mentality of who's heading up the campaign. One is good for the whole and the opposing is what is good for profit.

This all comes on the hills of a people too preoccupied with ignoring the powers of attention seeking politicians and their quest to be NUMBER 1 again. Why cannot we just settle for mending the holes already in the fence. Why are we so determined to manipulate people already here? The question is who will fight these battles and who will be their targets and the devastation from this all? Like an all out broil in a club, innocent people will be caught up, foreigners will be called in to help police a people who fails to police themselves.

Consequently and unequivocal, it will be the people, the same people, of the same national origin. The first group to form are those in favor of whipping the rest of us into conformity and those who oppose will be up against the very weapons they built, know and fear. They know the capabilities of these weapons.

The wise man would know what's coming and do all within his powers to head it off, minimizing death and destruction to our own people. The unwise man, for selfish reasons, would do anything to perpetuate this kind of violence and abuse, visualizing himself emerging as victor.

Martial law and curfew do not start nation-wide but from one county to next, expanding from one state to the next and the next thing you know, you are surrounded, no way out and forced to run for your life, ask Anne Franks.

For those of you who do not understand the repercussions, who do believe the audacity, think it not possible, think you will be protected... BE FOREWARNED, Americans might want to play a more active role in policing themselves before being policed. 

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!