men who kill their women just to have an affair?


Are you raising one? Are you married to one?

Talking about taking yourself too serious? Why do women want to feel EXCEPTIONAL?

There's has been a popular new trend in the news lately and it addresses what seems to be the latest phenomenon of men killers.

We've all been confronted with situations where thoughts of killing a person rang through loud and clear, if you've been a part of life and a family for any length of time - domestic violence and abuse. Why didn't you and why do those who do go to the added efforts?

Why don't killers, murderers kill themselves in the commitment of their murders, especially in the case of men who kill their partner just to have an affair or instead, why don't they just leave?

So, why do these men take the lives of their most devout partner, just to have an affair? Even crazier, why don't the women with whom the man was having the affair run for their lives?

One really smart person said: Problematic men? If you come from a healthy background you don’t have to worry that much. Does that mean if you come from "a good home"? What about Princes Diana?

What about women having affairs with married men?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!